A couple of days back; some Indian students were racially abused and beaten up in Australia. There has been an alarming increase in violence against Indian students and professionals in the U.S. Since the last 6 months or more, we have been hearing incidents of violence every few days. Now Australia has joined in too.

While we cannot conclude that there is a general ill-feeling against Indians, it does appear that with the global economic recession and all, we have become a target for frustrated out-of-work people. As an Indian and a student who might go abroad, it worries me to see this trend of targeting working professionals.

I know that the governments of the respective states cannot be blamed for the violence but the lack of any action taken against the perpetrators of such crimes is worrying. There is hardly any attention givento it in the media, World as well as Indian. If such things would have happened against foreigners in India, there would surely be a public outcry in the west. The Indian government, by not forcing the issue, has strengthened the notion of India being a soft state.


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