The girl with a beautiful smile

After completing most of the daily chores, i headed towards race course tower to do day’s last work .Race course towers ,place like cloud nine from outside as usually surrounded by most intrigue beauties of city .I call them intrigue as till date i don’t know what were they doing outside such gloomy place ? May be they were placed there by the gluttonous traders who inhabited RCT .They provided not only with materialistic desires but also provided techniques to become fittest in this darwin’s world. By the murkiness of RCT one can make out people residing in it where like blood sucking demons who lived on money and sucked it from any innocent soul who entered RCT.


After enjoying mystic beauties outside, I went in search of elevator as I wanted to go to fifth floor, topmost floor of RTC.I climbed stairs in hope of finding elevator but there were none, so desperately I went to basement .But before I could reach elevator I had to pass through some goofy eyes who from outside seemed so innocent as newly born baby but I knew beneath was hidden infinite greed. So ignoring them I went elevator and pressed green button although I knew it was already being pressed by other beings waiting for elevator. I could sense uneasiness they were feeling as these modern technologies have though given as much physical comfort as man could ever imagine but it has taken spiritual gift given to man by almighty, named patience. Finally elevator arrived, opening doors and all waiting souls rushed in as if their sole goal in life is to reach their destination. But I can understand and I pity them as I knew there were held under spell of traders who promised to fulfil their desires. Well I was also one of the victims and came under spell of beautiful sorceress who promised me to teach a mystic skill named pro e to draw any machine part in this world in return of money which according to her was very meagre in comparison of what she was offering to me and yes my friend being an engineer, I too was tempted.


Finally I reached the office and seeing me she smiled and asked straight away if I had brought her recompense or not .I had brought money in fact I had to as I had yearned so much to acquire that skill. As soon as I gave her money, she called for her aide who on her command handed me a awful bag and a volume which had methods to develop that mystic skill which used the mankind’s most useful and even most harming creation, computer. Her aide guided me to the gloomy place where many such machines called computer were kept and besides them beings full of apathy and exhaustion. But still I could see desperateness and yearning in them to acquire their respective skill. I went inside to become part of that agony to fulfil my hunger of being better than others and to take first step to acquire that skill that will in future help me to earn more and thus an attempt to satisfy my greed of money .Afraid, yes I was afraid like hell as I feared that paleness I saw on their face but I knew soon I will be accustomed to it and will mingle with them and become lifeless like thirsty man in the middle of the desert but having hope to get out with treasures of the desert after harsh suffering in a few days. But out of blue I saw something, so pure so pious, a smile. It was like a ray of light in darkness, oasis in midst of desert, first drop of rain after scorching heat of summer and so beautiful oh my God, my Almighty is that is what feel of heaven? I wondered for this many years what is beautiful possession of woman and at that instant I got my answer it’s not those beautiful curves, not even most disguised den of sensuality. Its her lips so soothing , sensuous, deep red like haima .From the distance I could feel its softness and then suddenly my euphoria was destroyed by the tutor who was going to teach me pro e in two months. While he was telling something to me, I was engrossed in just one thought how could a friger like me feel something so pure like that? So I again looked at that beauty and she smiled again. Seeing her it felt something magical as if deep down my heart, joy was stored in some kind of container and not allowed even to lick till just one gaze made joy and happiness explode from that container and it kept multiplying like nuclear fission reaction.


After half an hour my tutor told me to do practice of what he had taught that day. So I went and sat next to her. Again I gazed her in a way she will not notice me but she did and faced me and I saw just her eyes deep blue and I felt as if lost in them as a being lost in vast ocean. Indeed I was lost I reached a neverland. Yes my neverland full of flowers, greenery but no insects nor even a single harmful being around, beautiful climate -mild cold but still snowflakes coming from light blue sky, lounges made of flowers kept nearby and soft music playing nearby which soothed the soul . As I turned, I found a river of chocolate flowing nearby. Was I dreaming? I rubbed my eyes .No it was really a river of chocolate .Then suddenly I felt someone’s hand on my shoulder. It was her that mystic beauty but adorned in white attire like angel. She again showed me her charming smile and instantly I wondered who is she? As if she had heard it she told me” Glass is still half filled, Ray but only thing is you are seeing it as half empty. Did you like this place?” I nodded in affirmation. She continued” It’s your heaven, your cloud nine. See here there are no machines, no people, no restlessness, no competition, just peace, calmness and plain-simple natural beauty”. To which I interrupted “Just like your smile”. She giggled and continued” Enjoy as much as you want dear, relax.”Then she disappeared and then I had most beautiful and happiest moments listening to soft music, bathing in chocolate river and what not. As I lay asleep on flowery lounge she appeared again and softly told me that it was the  time to return. I begged her to let me stay or atleast promise me to bring there again. On which she said “It is your world dear. You can visit it whenever you wish .World is what you see, black to some eyes, black &white to some others and colourful as rainbow or kaleidoscope to few lucky ones”. With those words she faded away and I was there again in that room but it no more seemed gloomy to me nor people around me were sad .And I understood I wasn’t there to learn pro e to survive in this world but was there to do something new, to taste life from different angle, to share few moments of life with different people. Suddenly in the midst of typhoon of thoughts I realized that girl, my angel was not there. I turned to see her leave the room and for the last time I saw her smile so mystic, so pure, and so peaceful that till date and till the day I die, I will never forget it.


From that day, traders were no longer blood sucking monsters and nor was RTC anymore gloomy and I stopped friging also as I didn’t consider that nakedness as beauty anymore. The world was just as I saw it, my heaven, my cloud nine.


Abilities and Critics

Life reaches a point where there is no return…a start that has been made has to be completed….no matter how bad d odds are…n the task at hand has to be done as good as your abilities allow you to…

Questions always exist as to how far a person can achieve if his talent or abilities seem limited…n people wil wonder…does dis person really deserve dis success….but people always miss the larger picture … that success is mainly decided by two main factors which are—-hard work..n luck…n none of this are limited by a person’s abilities..
That might help to explain why some people ..who wer less educated went on to make the greatest companies or inventions that we know of today…
we people are all missing in some aspect or the other..which we can notice very well when we compare ourselves with others…but that seldom discriminates us or lessens our probabilities to be successful….

One important facet of life is that it should be lived with passion..
If we don’t have passion towards our work..we’ll never be able to be successful in it..
Passion allows us to stand by our hav the courage n strength to withstand failures..n to always continually strive for what we believe in n what we enjoy doing…
All suffices to conclude that ..regardless of much people doubt our talent or abilities..
our success in life..depends primarily on….Hard work,passion and a bit of Luck…..

Smoker’s Paradise

Once upon a time in a village far far away, there was a man who was working in his farm. It was time of harvest and he was cutting the crops with a scythe. Then all of a sudden something happened. In the panic that followed he accidently cut his own nose with the scythe. He had lost his nose in the freak mishap. Bleeding profusely the man had a thought. He thought that if he went in front of the rest of the village with a cut nose he will be ridiculed for not having a nose. This thought began worying him more than anything else. Even the present pain was nothing he thought compared to the pain from the humiliation he would have to suffer from the rest of the village for not having a nose. He thought for a moment and then he had the EUREKA moment. He made up a story and rushed back to the village with a calm and peaceful look on his face. When the other villagers saw him they were quiet confused as to why this person was smiling even as he bled through his cut nose. On being asked as to what happened he narrated to them the entire incident about how his nose got accidently cut and after that he added his made up story. He told everyone that when his nose got cut, he was able to see God. He claimed to have talked to God and said that was why he was so calm and at peace. His trick worked and instead of being ridiculed by the villagers he was hailed as a hero by them. He soon became a popular figure in the entire village. A few days later another person thought that even he could see and talk to God if he cut his nose. Then he would also be considered someone great. So without giving it a further thought he too cut his nose. Obviously he could not see any God, nor could he hear His voice. So having lost his nose he thought of lying that he too saw God. Thus this other person also started claiming that he could now see God. The news spread like fire in the entire village that one can see God if he cuts his nose. Everyone began believing in this and soon everyone in the village cut their nosea and began claiming that he could see God. Soon the entire village lost it’s noses and claimed to see God in the fear of being ridiculed or outcasted. Then one day a traveller came to the village. When he noticed that everyone in the village was minus a nose, he could not resist asking the question as to why everybody’s nose in the village was cut. Soon he came to know about the entire story. He declined to believe in the story and even in the fact that he could see God if he cut his nose. The villagers got enraged by this and beat the outsider black and blue. They then covered his face in soot and paraded him on a donkey through the entire village. They then threw him out of the village.

The case with smokers and the world around them is somewhat similarimages. Everywhere there are people who take to smoking accidently or on someone’s insistance, and get addicted to it. They then start giving reasons as to why they smoke sometimes even start claiming that smoking makes them feel elevated and relieved from stress and all. Others soon fall prey to this advertising and follow the smokers to smoking and get their own noses cut. Now even if they do not feel any thing after smoking they quietly begin accepting everything in fear of being ridiculed or outcasted by the rest of the people. And this is the way people take to smoking(or cut their noses) now if someone challenges their belief they start mocking him, and try to convert him to someone like them. If he dosen’t fall prey to smoking even then, he is cast out like a leper.

By now you must have started wondering as to why have titled this article as “Smoker’s Paradise“. This was done intentionally. If no one else read this article I definately wanted the smokers to read this and that is the only reason why i gave this article this title. I could not figure out any other way of making smokers read something related to Quit Smoking other than misleading them this way. I apologize for this.

Coming back to smokers and the world of smoking, the reason as to why people burn their money to smoke by smoking is un-understandable to me. Some say that smoking relieves them of the stress that they are under, though momentarily. So they smoke. Some say they smoke because it makes them feel relaxed. Some smoke because they feel it helps them to concentrate, to focus on their work. Some smoke because they take it to be a style statement. They feel that smoking will make them look stylish. Some even believe that smoking will help them find a girl as they believe that girls go ga ga over guys who smoke. While some others do it just to ape some celebrities who smoke. But the reality is somewhat different. All these are mere myths associated with smoking. All these are simply made up stories by people who have cut their own nose.

People believe that smoking helps them to relax and enables them to concentrate on their work better. This actually occurs because when one smokes, he while taking in the smoke actually inhales harder than when breathing normally. This causes more oxygen to draw in. Similarly while exhaling one exhales harder than when breathing normally while smoking to exhale all the smoke that was taken in earlier. This causes more oxygen to be inhaled and more carbon dioxide to be exhaled thereby providing the brain with blood containing more oxygen resulting in a feeling of relaxation. This same effect can be caused when one takes deep breaths. So why smoke?

Some say that they are under so much stress that they need to smoke to relieve themselves of the stress. If stress busting is the only objective, it can also be achieved by chewing gum or eating chocolate. These are also proven stress busters and actually come cheaper than a cigarette. So why smoke? Also the stress levels can be reduced by practising simple deep breating and meditation for 10 minutes daily. So why smoke?

Another myth associated with smoking is that it is stylish and that girls like guys who smoke. In reality smoking is only disgusting and gives nothing but an odour to your mouth. Also a survey done by MTv relvealed that the myth that girls like guys who smoke is indeed a myth. So why smoke?

To sum it all up smoking is nothing but an addiction that is derimental to one’s own health and wealth. Smoking also adversely affects those who are nearby you when you smoke. In no way does smoking help you with anything except causing lung cancer and other health issues. One smokes once and gets addicted to it. The urge to smoke then becomes irresistable and if asked why one smokes, he comes up with reasons like those mentioned above. One then gets so involved with these reasons that he then actually begins believeing in them even if they may not be true and purely made up. One gets involved with these reasons so much that his mind then makes these reasons come true. So much so that one may not feel hungry if he does not smoke, if he believes that smoking makes him feel hungry. This is known as a psychosomatic condition. Why else would people like to spend their money and ruin their health for a pack of cigarettes which itself says that it is injurious to the smoker’s health.

Think with your mind and you will realize what I argue upon is true. If you are a smoker you may even experiment it out. Life is precious, Money is hard earned and Cigarette smoking is injurious to health. Don’t waste your precious life and your or your parents’ hard earned money to smoke. It is nothing more than an addiction which eventually leads to sorrows, troubles, complexities, problems and in the case of some even to DEATH! Act wise and please do not take to smoking. If you already are a smoker, act wise and QUIT SMOKING!

Behind those close doors

There are two extremely disparate ways of looking at what happens behind those close doors. Either it’s everyone knows what happens behind those closed doors or no one knows what happens behind those close doors. Lots of things happen oblivious to the public eye. You got what I mean, right?

Duh! I am not talking about the things bollywood has corrupted our minds with but about our hostel rooms. Yes, our little cubicles which teach us the meaning of redundant space as in the 250 odd acre campus a bit of extra room wouldn’t have hampered the bushy growth. The first year is the one when it wouldn’t matter if doors existed or not… They were just there because they were supposed to be there. No collusions, no secret tries at triumph; everything was out there for all to see. The sophomore year dawns with the advent of “The LAN”; enemy lines are about to be drawn. The musings begin… Paranoia sets in; doors make their presence felt and knocks take longer to be heard. But sanity still prevails.

 The “pre final year”, the supposedly most important year arrives. Clans have been formed. Weapons have been drawn. Information is the key; internet is the playground. Clandestine visit to the profs in search for projects and future prospects for lor’s. The skill of licking has been lubricated beyond the limit and it has proved to be more important than talent or for that matter, even fate if one believes in it (as always there are a few exceptions). Eyes wide open in the cut-throat search for that notice which might change their fortunes. The rooms turn stuffy and stingy but air will not be allowed to adorn the prison cells (sorry for the irreverence towards the dorm rooms but can’t help it). Once and for all, territories have been decided and the doors are closed!

P.S. Note the stance changing from “our” in the second para to “their” in the third para! Pretentious psychology, I guess.

Name me!

I was just sky gazing the other day I got lost in the mesmerizing maze up there. It was pretty disorienting. I lost my sense of up and down. Number of thoughts nearly equalling to those of the twinkling stars were clashing in my brain; when something called me. Let that something be called the ‘x’, the universal variable. I hope this variable finds it true identity.

X: Hello my master!

I was a bit awkward as it whooshed past me and also perhaps no one had called me master with so much reverence! I did not comprehend as to who was talking to me.

Me: Hi. May I know who this is?

X: I don’t know. (Someone else of the same species replied. So it can be said that x is a set.)

Me: Sorry! How come you don’t know the answer to that?

X: You are supposed to tell me that.

Me: Uh huh! I am not some scientist that I’d be able to decipher that code. I’m just a common man.

X: So what? The common man demands so many rights but when it comes to anything else… He is just a common man with no power at his disposal!

Me: Excuse me! You’ve no right to say that. I’ll prove that I can do things. Okay. Tell me, what do you do?

(The little push to the common man’s ego made him plunge into the pool of action)

X: That’s better. I’m someone in your brain. I can’t explain exactly what I am because you are supposed to tell me that. I’m not a neuron or an electron or a synapse or some tendon. I actually give you ideas. Just like the one you’re having right now.

Me: Huh! I’m not even a biologist or some expert in brain anatomy but I perhaps get what you’re trying to convey. I don’t think the genesis of thought has yet been discovered!

X: You’re pretty close. I’m (in fact we) that which gives birth to thought and carries it along. I run along undiscovered paths every time to reach the best destination. I run a lot as I don’t have a predilection for shorter paths but just for the final destination. I do a lot of work but I am not named yet. I want a name. Please name me!

I remained silent as they continued to race along at mind boggling speeds producing thousands of other creations of their own. Perhaps the X in your brain just started out in disgust or awe or whatever…

Future Peek-SVNIT goes GREEN!!

It is another pleasant day at the SVNIT campus. As I sit in my hostel room doing nothing, the breeze continues to blow into my room through the open door of my balcony. But this breeze does not come alone. It brings along an idea. An idea which instantaneously enters my mind triggering my imagination. As the gears inside my head begin to rotate, more and more imaginary things come to my mind, travel to my hand and ink themselves down on this piece of paper. As the title suggests, this is a piece of imagination about the future. It may even be called day-dreaming. But this still a peice of imagination as to how the future can be. And moreover how it can be over here in SVNIT. The idea of SVNIT going GREEN may sound highly anachronous and incongruous. To some it may even sound Vernian. But then there is no tax on imagining, as least not yet. This is actually an article as it may be written in the future(distant or near).


The world just became a better place to live, thanks to SVNIT. SVNIT has always been in the news for one reason or the other. But this time it is back in the news with a bang, a big and loud bang. The lush green campus of the prestigious institute got greener as the institute’s very own power plant generating green electricity from the wind and sun was inaugrated making SVNIT self-sufficient in terms of electricity.

The electricity is generated in a huge system operating over the entire campus. The electricity is generated by harnessing the wind’s energy by means of wind mills installed all over the campus, not only on the open ground but also on the roof tops of the campus buildings. The solar energy is also utilised to generate electricity by means of solar panels installed at various locations around the campus. The electricity generated by this conversion of the wind and solar energy is directed into a private grid that is then used to supply electricity whenever and wherever needed in the campus. This entire system is so designed that it can generate sufficient electricity to fulfill the needs of the entire campus. The institue however plans to keep and maintain the earlier electricity supply system. But the SVNIT electricity bill is surely going down.

This entire setup is special in itself. But what makes it more special is the fact that the entire system and all of it’s components were designed by the students and professors of this institute making it completely indigenous. No doubt SVNIT is counted one among the creame de la creame institutes offering quality technical education. This entire setup however involved a huge initial cost. But thankfully due to the combined efforts of the institute and it’s alumni, it was taken care of.

The institute next plans to become self-reliant in terms of cooking gas supply by setting up a Bio-Gas plant. The plant will operate on the organic waste generated in the campus to produce Bio-Gas that will take the place of the conventional LPG gas presently being used for cooking purposes. Seems as if the wallets of GGCL are also going to get lighter.

But whatever may happen in the future, SVNIT has already set an example by becoming India’s first campus to become self-sufficient in terms of electricity generation. And that too without causing any harm to the environment. This definately is one giant step for SVNIT. Or the SVNITians say

“As the world battles…We help the Earth win”

No doubt they are!