Future Peek-SVNIT goes GREEN!!

It is another pleasant day at the SVNIT campus. As I sit in my hostel room doing nothing, the breeze continues to blow into my room through the open door of my balcony. But this breeze does not come alone. It brings along an idea. An idea which instantaneously enters my mind triggering my imagination. As the gears inside my head begin to rotate, more and more imaginary things come to my mind, travel to my hand and ink themselves down on this piece of paper. As the title suggests, this is a piece of imagination about the future. It may even be called day-dreaming. But this still a peice of imagination as to how the future can be. And moreover how it can be over here in SVNIT. The idea of SVNIT going GREEN may sound highly anachronous and incongruous. To some it may even sound Vernian. But then there is no tax on imagining, as least not yet. This is actually an article as it may be written in the future(distant or near).


The world just became a better place to live, thanks to SVNIT. SVNIT has always been in the news for one reason or the other. But this time it is back in the news with a bang, a big and loud bang. The lush green campus of the prestigious institute got greener as the institute’s very own power plant generating green electricity from the wind and sun was inaugrated making SVNIT self-sufficient in terms of electricity.

The electricity is generated in a huge system operating over the entire campus. The electricity is generated by harnessing the wind’s energy by means of wind mills installed all over the campus, not only on the open ground but also on the roof tops of the campus buildings. The solar energy is also utilised to generate electricity by means of solar panels installed at various locations around the campus. The electricity generated by this conversion of the wind and solar energy is directed into a private grid that is then used to supply electricity whenever and wherever needed in the campus. This entire system is so designed that it can generate sufficient electricity to fulfill the needs of the entire campus. The institue however plans to keep and maintain the earlier electricity supply system. But the SVNIT electricity bill is surely going down.

This entire setup is special in itself. But what makes it more special is the fact that the entire system and all of it’s components were designed by the students and professors of this institute making it completely indigenous. No doubt SVNIT is counted one among the creame de la creame institutes offering quality technical education. This entire setup however involved a huge initial cost. But thankfully due to the combined efforts of the institute and it’s alumni, it was taken care of.

The institute next plans to become self-reliant in terms of cooking gas supply by setting up a Bio-Gas plant. The plant will operate on the organic waste generated in the campus to produce Bio-Gas that will take the place of the conventional LPG gas presently being used for cooking purposes. Seems as if the wallets of GGCL are also going to get lighter.

But whatever may happen in the future, SVNIT has already set an example by becoming India’s first campus to become self-sufficient in terms of electricity generation. And that too without causing any harm to the environment. This definately is one giant step for SVNIT. Or the SVNITians say

“As the world battles…We help the Earth win”

No doubt they are!


4 thoughts on “Future Peek-SVNIT goes GREEN!!

    • it’s not happening anywhere right now but in my dreams….i am optimistic about the fact that it will happen sometime in the future here at our very own campus.
      please read the introductory paragraph more carefully….

  1. A very good post i will have to admit. got a godlike imagination. Quality of writing is right up there.
    P.S- just probably need u up there in the management to make that happen. ny chances of u staying bak after college….

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