Name me!

I was just sky gazing the other day I got lost in the mesmerizing maze up there. It was pretty disorienting. I lost my sense of up and down. Number of thoughts nearly equalling to those of the twinkling stars were clashing in my brain; when something called me. Let that something be called the ‘x’, the universal variable. I hope this variable finds it true identity.

X: Hello my master!

I was a bit awkward as it whooshed past me and also perhaps no one had called me master with so much reverence! I did not comprehend as to who was talking to me.

Me: Hi. May I know who this is?

X: I don’t know. (Someone else of the same species replied. So it can be said that x is a set.)

Me: Sorry! How come you don’t know the answer to that?

X: You are supposed to tell me that.

Me: Uh huh! I am not some scientist that I’d be able to decipher that code. I’m just a common man.

X: So what? The common man demands so many rights but when it comes to anything else… He is just a common man with no power at his disposal!

Me: Excuse me! You’ve no right to say that. I’ll prove that I can do things. Okay. Tell me, what do you do?

(The little push to the common man’s ego made him plunge into the pool of action)

X: That’s better. I’m someone in your brain. I can’t explain exactly what I am because you are supposed to tell me that. I’m not a neuron or an electron or a synapse or some tendon. I actually give you ideas. Just like the one you’re having right now.

Me: Huh! I’m not even a biologist or some expert in brain anatomy but I perhaps get what you’re trying to convey. I don’t think the genesis of thought has yet been discovered!

X: You’re pretty close. I’m (in fact we) that which gives birth to thought and carries it along. I run along undiscovered paths every time to reach the best destination. I run a lot as I don’t have a predilection for shorter paths but just for the final destination. I do a lot of work but I am not named yet. I want a name. Please name me!

I remained silent as they continued to race along at mind boggling speeds producing thousands of other creations of their own. Perhaps the X in your brain just started out in disgust or awe or whatever…


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