Behind those close doors

There are two extremely disparate ways of looking at what happens behind those close doors. Either it’s everyone knows what happens behind those closed doors or no one knows what happens behind those close doors. Lots of things happen oblivious to the public eye. You got what I mean, right?

Duh! I am not talking about the things bollywood has corrupted our minds with but about our hostel rooms. Yes, our little cubicles which teach us the meaning of redundant space as in the 250 odd acre campus a bit of extra room wouldn’t have hampered the bushy growth. The first year is the one when it wouldn’t matter if doors existed or not… They were just there because they were supposed to be there. No collusions, no secret tries at triumph; everything was out there for all to see. The sophomore year dawns with the advent of “The LAN”; enemy lines are about to be drawn. The musings begin… Paranoia sets in; doors make their presence felt and knocks take longer to be heard. But sanity still prevails.

 The “pre final year”, the supposedly most important year arrives. Clans have been formed. Weapons have been drawn. Information is the key; internet is the playground. Clandestine visit to the profs in search for projects and future prospects for lor’s. The skill of licking has been lubricated beyond the limit and it has proved to be more important than talent or for that matter, even fate if one believes in it (as always there are a few exceptions). Eyes wide open in the cut-throat search for that notice which might change their fortunes. The rooms turn stuffy and stingy but air will not be allowed to adorn the prison cells (sorry for the irreverence towards the dorm rooms but can’t help it). Once and for all, territories have been decided and the doors are closed!

P.S. Note the stance changing from “our” in the second para to “their” in the third para! Pretentious psychology, I guess.


3 thoughts on “Behind those close doors

  1. Darling u have successfully conveyed your message to me.But consider us( u know who all i m talking about) shameless, thick skinned or what ever,we ‘ll follow this age old trend as we are ‘Mango people’.But i will try to walk on path u suggested after 2 yrs.

  2. I understand ur point jubin…. Computer Department in SVNIT is a great example of what u are talking about…. Though I myself get disgusted by this excessive seccrecy and all, lets try to see the other side of the coin….

    This aint IIT, or some American University where u get research and project oppurtunities easily…. So I guess a person who does manage to do that, would guard it zealously, rite? Putting myself in such a person’s place I’d say that as long as I am not harming anyone, its ok if i hide it from ppl. Its better to keep it hidden than have it copied, or worse, mocked at!! Hiding, disguising and pretending becomes a necessary evil….

    For the record, I dont do these things! am trying to justify ppl who do… I wish I did have things to hide though 🙂

  3. Yup… i just wanted to throw some light on it… Pretty interesting psyche behind it… Btw i also wish i had something to hide;-).. Till then… gossip!

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