Smoker’s Paradise

Once upon a time in a village far far away, there was a man who was working in his farm. It was time of harvest and he was cutting the crops with a scythe. Then all of a sudden something happened. In the panic that followed he accidently cut his own nose with the scythe. He had lost his nose in the freak mishap. Bleeding profusely the man had a thought. He thought that if he went in front of the rest of the village with a cut nose he will be ridiculed for not having a nose. This thought began worying him more than anything else. Even the present pain was nothing he thought compared to the pain from the humiliation he would have to suffer from the rest of the village for not having a nose. He thought for a moment and then he had the EUREKA moment. He made up a story and rushed back to the village with a calm and peaceful look on his face. When the other villagers saw him they were quiet confused as to why this person was smiling even as he bled through his cut nose. On being asked as to what happened he narrated to them the entire incident about how his nose got accidently cut and after that he added his made up story. He told everyone that when his nose got cut, he was able to see God. He claimed to have talked to God and said that was why he was so calm and at peace. His trick worked and instead of being ridiculed by the villagers he was hailed as a hero by them. He soon became a popular figure in the entire village. A few days later another person thought that even he could see and talk to God if he cut his nose. Then he would also be considered someone great. So without giving it a further thought he too cut his nose. Obviously he could not see any God, nor could he hear His voice. So having lost his nose he thought of lying that he too saw God. Thus this other person also started claiming that he could now see God. The news spread like fire in the entire village that one can see God if he cuts his nose. Everyone began believing in this and soon everyone in the village cut their nosea and began claiming that he could see God. Soon the entire village lost it’s noses and claimed to see God in the fear of being ridiculed or outcasted. Then one day a traveller came to the village. When he noticed that everyone in the village was minus a nose, he could not resist asking the question as to why everybody’s nose in the village was cut. Soon he came to know about the entire story. He declined to believe in the story and even in the fact that he could see God if he cut his nose. The villagers got enraged by this and beat the outsider black and blue. They then covered his face in soot and paraded him on a donkey through the entire village. They then threw him out of the village.

The case with smokers and the world around them is somewhat similarimages. Everywhere there are people who take to smoking accidently or on someone’s insistance, and get addicted to it. They then start giving reasons as to why they smoke sometimes even start claiming that smoking makes them feel elevated and relieved from stress and all. Others soon fall prey to this advertising and follow the smokers to smoking and get their own noses cut. Now even if they do not feel any thing after smoking they quietly begin accepting everything in fear of being ridiculed or outcasted by the rest of the people. And this is the way people take to smoking(or cut their noses) now if someone challenges their belief they start mocking him, and try to convert him to someone like them. If he dosen’t fall prey to smoking even then, he is cast out like a leper.

By now you must have started wondering as to why have titled this article as “Smoker’s Paradise“. This was done intentionally. If no one else read this article I definately wanted the smokers to read this and that is the only reason why i gave this article this title. I could not figure out any other way of making smokers read something related to Quit Smoking other than misleading them this way. I apologize for this.

Coming back to smokers and the world of smoking, the reason as to why people burn their money to smoke by smoking is un-understandable to me. Some say that smoking relieves them of the stress that they are under, though momentarily. So they smoke. Some say they smoke because it makes them feel relaxed. Some smoke because they feel it helps them to concentrate, to focus on their work. Some smoke because they take it to be a style statement. They feel that smoking will make them look stylish. Some even believe that smoking will help them find a girl as they believe that girls go ga ga over guys who smoke. While some others do it just to ape some celebrities who smoke. But the reality is somewhat different. All these are mere myths associated with smoking. All these are simply made up stories by people who have cut their own nose.

People believe that smoking helps them to relax and enables them to concentrate on their work better. This actually occurs because when one smokes, he while taking in the smoke actually inhales harder than when breathing normally. This causes more oxygen to draw in. Similarly while exhaling one exhales harder than when breathing normally while smoking to exhale all the smoke that was taken in earlier. This causes more oxygen to be inhaled and more carbon dioxide to be exhaled thereby providing the brain with blood containing more oxygen resulting in a feeling of relaxation. This same effect can be caused when one takes deep breaths. So why smoke?

Some say that they are under so much stress that they need to smoke to relieve themselves of the stress. If stress busting is the only objective, it can also be achieved by chewing gum or eating chocolate. These are also proven stress busters and actually come cheaper than a cigarette. So why smoke? Also the stress levels can be reduced by practising simple deep breating and meditation for 10 minutes daily. So why smoke?

Another myth associated with smoking is that it is stylish and that girls like guys who smoke. In reality smoking is only disgusting and gives nothing but an odour to your mouth. Also a survey done by MTv relvealed that the myth that girls like guys who smoke is indeed a myth. So why smoke?

To sum it all up smoking is nothing but an addiction that is derimental to one’s own health and wealth. Smoking also adversely affects those who are nearby you when you smoke. In no way does smoking help you with anything except causing lung cancer and other health issues. One smokes once and gets addicted to it. The urge to smoke then becomes irresistable and if asked why one smokes, he comes up with reasons like those mentioned above. One then gets so involved with these reasons that he then actually begins believeing in them even if they may not be true and purely made up. One gets involved with these reasons so much that his mind then makes these reasons come true. So much so that one may not feel hungry if he does not smoke, if he believes that smoking makes him feel hungry. This is known as a psychosomatic condition. Why else would people like to spend their money and ruin their health for a pack of cigarettes which itself says that it is injurious to the smoker’s health.

Think with your mind and you will realize what I argue upon is true. If you are a smoker you may even experiment it out. Life is precious, Money is hard earned and Cigarette smoking is injurious to health. Don’t waste your precious life and your or your parents’ hard earned money to smoke. It is nothing more than an addiction which eventually leads to sorrows, troubles, complexities, problems and in the case of some even to DEATH! Act wise and please do not take to smoking. If you already are a smoker, act wise and QUIT SMOKING!


12 thoughts on “Smoker’s Paradise

  1. Shantanu you keep getting better and better with every article! I don’t know whether this article can reform someone and make him quit but it will definitely have an impact on people who haven’t yet started.

    Your writing presents you as an entirely different person, not someone I know in real life. You think deep, very deep it wasn’t the usual no smoking piece – it had something in it, something worth giving a thought.

    I hope this comment doesn’t end up getting deleted though 😛 Last time I praised you, my comment was gone lol

  2. Brilliant presenatation… Really diffi to go through entire no-smoking articles but there weren’t any problems here! I personally have had just three cigs till now and havent liked it… But somehow I feel there are situations when people are helpless. The word “DEATH” doesn’t bring that impact sometimes… It can be irrelevant.. That’s when the addiction starts and i can somehow comply with it somtimes… Maybe this comment will be deleted in a puff of smoke…:-)

    • Sorry Jubin…this comment is not going to be deleted in a puff of smoke. It is going to be replied. And here goes the reply.

      First of all there are no situations that are hopeless. It is our perspective towards them that them seem hopeless. And even if the situation is hopeless how is taking to smoking or any other type of addiction gonna make the situation hopeful or lets say less hopeless. Death may not bring the impact sometimes with some people in some situations. But that should not stop one from trying to put such people back on the right track. The situation can sometimes really become hopeless even to such an extent that DEATH even wont create an impact. But even this situation is no reason to take to addiction. People who wanna get addicted get addicted even if they are at the peak of success. i believe i have replied your comment satisfactorily. If you feel the other way, feel free to post another comment.

  3. Personally i hate cigarettes even though i haven’t tried one yet.But out of fascination i was going to try cigar.But after reading your article have certainly changed my mind.Thanks you have certainly saved me 40 bucks.lolz…

    But seriously you very aptly chose common story and blended it with some serious facts about smoking to give a really really nice and eye opening article.Hats off to you ………………..

  4. what happened to our fellow smokers?? no comments from smokers yet i guess… i myself didnt read thru the entire thing… but good work writing… the example was good… u seemed to have missed one reason of smoking though… a lot of people smoke because they havent found a sufficient reason to quit…. quitting cigarettes is pretty difficult and why go thru all the pain since u dont have a reason…

    the article was good for the ppl who dont smoke yet… but i dont think smokers will benefit from it….

    thanks for the interesting read though…..

    • Thanks for adding the missing point to the article….

      About the thing that it wont help smokers much…the thing is that i have never smoked myself…it was a non-smokers point of view of writing and i cannot help what the outcome comes regarding something that i have not experienced..sorry for that…

  5. the smokers reply 😉

    Who can justify Tobacco more than a smoker ?. It does not make you rip ur freaking nose or makes you see god ….. It might pull down a few years of your life … and it might put more oxygen in your brain and blah blah blah.

    The point here is … IT IS AN ADDICTION. Lets face it … we all are addicted to some thing or the other. So what difference does it make when u say you smoke and you dont ? Nothing much … its just that you might be a drunkard all along or might rather have be living a life after 70 where no one cares about how you live or where you live ! Whats the point of facing life above 65 life anyways ? You become a burden to your family … with trembling limbs and eyes that see no more … ears that hear no more and many vital organs that function no more (stress on VITAL) 😛

    People might get into the ADDICTION by saying any bullcrap but the FACT is … THEY CHOSE TO DO SO. The government , who is supposedly more concerned than MTV , prints in bold letters on the cover , that smoking is injurious to health. People who smoke are fully aware of the risks involved.

    People around the world are addicted to Fickle Politics ; To Racsim ; To Selfishness ; To Jealousy ; To Hatred and to what not. By smoking we are also helping the country get more and more tobacco tax … (think about it).

    My Point of the argument is … People Who Smoke … Will Smoke … People Who Want To Smoke .. Will Smoke … !

    This is a Democratic Country And We Dont Believe In Decisions But Free Will !

    All we can say is … please smoke cigarettes with better filters and fresher tobacco !

    Happy Smoking !

    • A nicely written comment and that too from a person least expected to comment. Any ways, here goes the reply to your justification of smokers…call it a reply or whatever else for that matter but it actually has some questions that i need you to justify after all you justified.

      1) You admit that smoking is an addiction. Isn’t that what even i am saying?

      2) Everyone in this world is addicted to something or the other. Quiet true. But aren’t there things like good addictions or bad addictions? Can’t someone be addicted to music? And if he can, isn’t it a good thing? Also how do you justify that smoking is a good addiction? Now do you say that as an addiction smoking is good?

      3)Do you say that you would prefer being a drunkard and die young? Have you ever thought of achieving some goals in life? Or have you risen above it? If you have so, have you ever considered the option of using your life to help others? to help them improve their lives?

      4) If given the option to become a drunkard and living a healthy life, what will you choose? If i am not wrong are you saying that actually one has an option of selecting from among the two? Are you in fact admitting that cigarette smoking and alcohol drinking are in fact injurious to health?

      5) The becoming of a burden on your family wala thing…do you seriously believe that after the age of 65, after one loses his health, after his organs stop functioning, one becomes a burden to your family? Is this what you will think your parents to be when they get old and they will face a similar situation? Will those same parents who supported you, who raised you, who did so much for you, will become a burden for you when they grow old?

      6)If you say being a burden is bad, how do you justify that you are not a burden on your family now? Do you say that your family should start treating you like a burden cause you are still dependent on them and not as their son?

      7) People do choose to get into this addiction. But that’s what i am trying to prevent from happening here,isn’t it? By clearing some myths associated with smoking (cause i believe people have apparently no reason to start to smoke) i am only trying to help people from falling into this addiction.

      8 ) If the cigarette packet itself says that smoking is injurious to health, then why do people still smoke knowing it? Why is it that you smoke knowing that it is injurious to your health? Why did you take to smoking in the first place if you knew it was injurious for health?

      9)Your point of the argument is right. People who smoke will smoke…people who want to smoke will smoke. But can’t it be that some people are still ignorantly taking to it? And what’s bad if i tried to tell people that smoking is bad? What is wrong if i tried to prevent people from taking to smoking by clearing a few of their misconceptions?

      10) I did not anywhere force people to quit smoking. Nor did i say that it is against the free will of an individual to smoke. Neither did i make any decisions in my post. Even i know that India is a democratic country and dosen’t that same reason allow me to express my opinion on smoking and smokers?

      well that’s it. These are all the questions i wish to ask to you after your reply on my post. Please answer to them whenever and wherever you can.

  6. hey shantanu.. nice one..
    well for smokers when u say the word “death” also dosent affect them…
    i see it this way>>> it is the word LIFE that should affect them

  7. superb man..great work !!!atleast few of smokers will take this serious..even though they might not quit but they will give a try.good job helping out your fellas..and about the comment saying quitting is difficult and they are not scared of death, thats not true.May be at this age they feel like that,i have seen my own friends who use to smoke atleast 10 cigars a day suddenly making it to zero a day.They just need to get crazy about something other than cigar.Great article again!!

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