Abilities and Critics

Life reaches a point where there is no return…a start that has been made has to be completed….no matter how bad d odds are…n the task at hand has to be done as good as your abilities allow you to…

Questions always exist as to how far a person can achieve if his talent or abilities seem limited…n people wil wonder…does dis person really deserve dis success….but people always miss the larger picture … that success is mainly decided by two main factors which are—-hard work..n luck…n none of this are limited by a person’s abilities..
That might help to explain why some people ..who wer less educated went on to make the greatest companies or inventions that we know of today…
we people are all missing in some aspect or the other..which we can notice very well when we compare ourselves with others…but that seldom discriminates us or lessens our probabilities to be successful….

One important facet of life is that it should be lived with passion..
If we don’t have passion towards our work..we’ll never be able to be successful in it..
Passion allows us to stand by our convictions..to hav the courage n strength to withstand failures..n to always continually strive for what we believe in n what we enjoy doing…
All said..it suffices to conclude that ..regardless of much people doubt our talent or abilities..
our success in life..depends primarily on….Hard work,passion and a bit of Luck…..


3 thoughts on “Abilities and Critics

  1. welcome to this platform mragi bhai……..
    ur interpretation is quite gd…….
    in life Success is just the marriage of hard work with luck in the shadow of passion……
    keep on writing the things…..

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