Internet musing

The other day, I was using my time (which we have in plenty) to open the google home page which took its own sweet time. And by sweet, I mean real sweet. Real real sweet. This is a tribute to our Internet speed… I can speak on behalf of H-9 residents at least. We can proudly say that or hostels have wifi or LAN but sometimes its just a redundant piece of technology. I love this… Mocking the college… Its also our all time favourite timepass, also famously known as ‘bakar’.

Yes, back to my musing. I actually think its good that we have such ludicrous speeds. We have so much fun over it. It actually increases social harmony… Reinforcing the point, I was browsing on our superfast net and going through some archaic data showing a graphical representation between the broadband speed and various countries. Japan topped that chart with a speed of about 7.5 Mb/s even in some distant age! USA was somewhere in between and India… Have a guess… Yes, you’re right… It wasn’t anywhere in the reckoning in the chart (I want to use a smiley). India can be called a giant minnow. I gave my room mate a smile at that moment… See! Harmony and good will!

Now, what would happen if someday the government of Japan decides to reduce their speeds to Indian levels? (Hypothetical case. Everything is possible). I conjecture a mass riot in that case. People will come to a halt and announce a strike or something. They’ll be on the streets. This conjecture comes from the fact (though not completely related to internet speed) that just due to some technical glitch recently, gmail faced some problems and couldn’t provide satisfactory services for a day. New forums came up condemning the situation and services and asking for compensation. On the other hand, in India or lets talk about SVNIT (:-) now I use a smiley)… we curse a bit but we also smile! People talk to each other and tell stories of their grandparents while they’re waiting for their favourite google page to open. Again… Harmony and goodwill…

P.S. A bit of mockery never hurt anyone but I hope this does.


3 thoughts on “Internet musing

  1. The net is but one bad thing that is happening to us. There are other things that are bad too, some just intolerable. I can write an entire post on what the college could have done and yet did not do and in the end due to which only we suffered and continue to suffer till today because no one is willing to stand up and speak(that includes me and you too.) But since this post has been started by Jubin, I will only list out the things the things the BLUNDER’s as some people call them happening around.

    *The Sucking Internet Speed
    *The non-existance of any companies for the on-campus placements, when in other NIT’s almost half the junta has been placed.
    *The lack of information regarding the happening’s in the TNP section.
    *The informing and disallowing and then re-allowing students at the 11th hour before the company arrives.(What problem do they have if they tell a week ago that some company is coming? Why must the information only given 24 hours ago?)
    *The miscalculation of the server load in the campus leading to frequent disconnections in the NET.(how is one supposed to work if the NET keeps on turning on and off.)
    *Even after that not taking steps to increase the bandwidth.
    *The closing of the elections in the college, and establishing a pointer based system to select our representatives(why they hell should they select our representatives for us?Who told them to?)
    *The poor maintanance of the college hostel especially the older ones.
    *The uncaring attitude of the hostel section towards the students(we have to do as they say.We have very little say in what we want and what we don’t. They can impose any fine on us anytime and we can’t say anything about that after it. What if it is wrongly done?)
    *The ‘CHALTA HAI’ attitude of everyone. What happened to all those NETA’s. Now is the time when we most need them to make our voice reach the authorities. Where are they hiding now?
    *Making us compulsorily buy the hostel brochure at the time of hostel admissions.
    *The in time of 11pm after which a fine is imposed.
    *The brainless blocking of the net using cyberoam.(It once even blocked the CBSEpapers site under CRIME AND SUICIDE category…wth??)

    Well there are many many more things. I am probably not the right person to be telling all these things.


    P.S: Even i hope that this one hurts all those who read!

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