The Good, the Bad and the Evil

The other day I happened to be sitting doing nothing and completly lost in my own thoughts. All of a sudden i noticed something common to every household. Ants. They were there engrossed in their ‘transportation business.’ The ants were carrying a big bug, a bug alomst 50 times the size of one ant. They were taking it to their place. It was a very fine illustration of team work. A bug 50 times bigger than their size, obviously was difficult to carry. But the small ants used teamwork to solve this problem. Some ants pushed the bug while some pulled. While some just moved about trying to find a place to put in their contribution. The ants gave me a perfect demonstration of teamwork and the effort one needs to put in to succeed. They showed me that the problem i faced might be big, but with persistance and the will to achieve the goal even the greatest problems can be overcome. All of a sudden then a bee buzzed off near my ear. I began observing the bee, it was also working. I saw the beehive. Just a few days back it was nothing, and now it housed an entire army of bees in it. It was one busy place literally buzzing with activity. As i further observed, the bees came, landed on the hive, roamed mindlessly on it and flew back. Bee after bee came in from all directions, did the same thing and then flew back.Doing trips between it’s honeycomb and the flowers, it was continously bringing nectar, and this nectar was being collected in the bee hive. No doubt it was the hard work of the bees, the great contribution of each and everyone of them that had caused their colony to prosper.The bees showed me how there is no alternative to hardwork and how the contribution of each and everyone matters. I then noticed the tree on which the hive hung. It was a big tall tree, piercing the skies. Every year, every day & every moment it was growing, it was growing taller and taller. But no matter how taller the tree would grow, there was one thing that would not change for it. It’s association with the ground. It was on the ground since it was a sapling, and it will be on the ground even after it dies. No matter how high it went, it stayed firmly on the ground. The tree showed me how it was necessary to have one’s feet on the ground always. As I fancied the height of the tree, i could see a kite soar in the sky. It reached heights greater, much greater than the tree could have ever achieved, and it did it in almost no time. But then there was a sudden strong wind. The kite lost control and soon came down to the ground, again in no time. The kite showed me that something that goes up rapidly can also come down rapidly. As the kite fell down, the green grass caught my eye. What was it. Nothing compared to the mighty tree. Yet when the floods come or when a storm breaks out, it is the tree’s that fall. The grass just bends along. This bending grass showed me the importance of compromising with the situation. As my eyes again started searcing the kite, i could see it trying to fly again. Achieve greater heights than earlier. The kite demonstrated me the ‘never say die spirit’. Seeing all this all that came in my mind was that this beautiful world is just so full of examples. Examples that are important for a healthly life. Examples that are important to achieve success. Examples that enlighten us. Examples that stand for the GOOD!

Nothing of what i wrote above was original. We all have been hearing about these examples from our parents and teachers since we were small children. But how many of us believe in these examples today?How many of us even observe them happening around us? And even if you believe in them and observe them, do you follow them in their real life? Well, I should not be writing this post, beacuse I am just as same as anyone of you.I am not someone who has seen a lot of this world and know everything about the good and the bad.Neither am I the epitome of perfection nor am I consummate. I also observe these things happening around me. I also believe in them. But in the end I end up doing only that what I feel is right. Not than my perception of right and wrong is wrong or highly inaccurate, but yes it lacks, or it could even be far from perfection. But inspite of all this I am writing this post. Probably because of the same thing that I am as same as any one of you. I write this because I face similar problems, troubles and worries as you.

We all talk how our life lives have so many problems to face, so many objectives to attain, so many expectations to fulfill and yet only a lifetime of time. But what do we do after the talk is over. We forget all of it and return back to our routine lives. Some of us wish to change, while some us just talk of change. Some of us have already changed for the better, while some of us still believe that we do not need to change. Change is inevitable. We cannot avoid change from taking place. It is the only thing that remains constant. Situations change, conditions change, beliefs change, people change, you change. Change just cannot be avoided or escaped from. And if one is foolish enough to resist change, change is wise enough to destroy him. The only thing that matters in case of change is if you are ready to change with change or not. Though we can bring out a change, we cannot prevent it. So the easiest way is to accept it. We all want to be successful in life. The definitions of success being different for each one of us. But how many of us work towards succeeding in life? How many of us posesses the persistent determination to achieve what we really want? How many of us have the courage to sustain a failure? How many of us are strong enough to rise after a fall and start walking towards our goal right away? We talk of hard work and determination being the necessary ingredients of suceess. But how many of us really put our mind and body heart and soul in our work? How many of us do the right thing at it’s right time? How many of us are non reliant and independent of others for achieving our success? We most of the times know that what we are doing is not correct. What we are doing is evil. Yet we do it, out of a myriad reasons. We are just so used to it. We so often talk of removing the bad from within us. We so often talk of destroying the evil inside. And if not talk openly at least we soliloquize about it or at least think about it. But in the end why don’t we change ourselves?Why do we end up just talking about change, instead of bringing about the change? Why don’t we remove the bad and evil and fill the good inside us? Why are we like this? The answers to these questions probably do not exist. And even if they do, they exist deep inside your own mind. It is as if your life’s secrets lie in a box whose key you keep searching for it all over the place again and again, ignorant of the fact that it lies in your pocket.

The world today is full of evil. But what we fail to realizeis that all the evil starts and ends with us. All the time all we do is just talk of removing this evil from within us. All the time we talk about removing all evil and bad things from our surroundings. But end up doing nothing. This time lets just not talk, this time lets do it. Today is Dussehra. This very day, many many years ago, Lord Shri Ram returned to Ayodhya after destorying Ravan. Today Ravan exists inside all of us. This dussehra let us destory this demon inside us once and for all. This time let us actually change instead of simply talking about change. This dussehra may all of us remove what is bad and accept what is good. Let us all change for the better, instead of just talking about changing for the better. This time, let us all JUST DO IT!!


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