To vote or not to vote!!??

The results of the Maharashtra assembly election are out. The congress-NCP alliance falls short of majority by just one seat, while as expected the infighting within the BJP-Shiv Sena alliance led to its fall while the Shiv-Sena’s breakaway fraction, the MNS did play spoil sport by dividing the Marathi votes. Everything was almost as predicted by the political pundits and the exit polls as well.

This election was just the same as the elections that have happened before. The campaigning, the mud-slinging, the rebellions, the asset declarations,  the rallies, the demonstrations of power by our politicians and the bragging of our previously elected leaders about the work done by them(however small it may have been) everything was just the same. Like always our politicians left no stone unturned to woo the voters. There were rallies and morchas everywhere. Not to be ignored was the coming of the star campaigners of every party to campaign for their party. No politician left any opportunity to address the media, and whatever may be the topic did very shrewdly use the media attention to glorify their own image and malign that of their opponent’s. The ruling party kept on emphasizing how the state had progressed under it’s able leadership, while the opposition going with it’s name opposed to what the ruling party said. Everything was the same.

Also everywhere people were encouraged to vote, and not to enjoy the voting day leave as a holiday. There were hoardings put up, both huge and small, and also advertisements on the idiot box. Each of them asking people to vote. Vote because it is your right to. Vote because it is your only opportunity to elect your leader, and that if you don’t vote you will be responsible if the state of the state turns out to be a sorry state. Well everything they said is true. If you don’t vote and choose your leader, you don’t have any right to complain later on. If you don’t vote, it is you who pave the way to power for politicians who can win on the basis of bogus votes and money feeding. But after seeing all these I began thinking, ‘why do we vote?’ Well…the answer is quiet obvious, we vote to elect our representative. A person, who can represent us as a whole. A person, who can raise the problems we face in the assembly and get them solved. We vote to show that the person we are voting for enjoys our support and thereby the government such representatives from, is the government of the people. That such elected governments enjoy the support of the people. This elected government must now work as a unit to solve the problems of the people who gave them the power. These people who form the government must end the differences between themselves and work for the betterment of the society. This government must serve the people. We vote because we want all this to happen. But does anything of this really happen? If it does, to what extent?

We have been voting since India became independent. We have been electing our leaders since then. Earlier we did it by the use of ballot boxes, now we do it by the use of EVM’s. But the basic process of the people electing the leaders has remained the same. Yet, the situation of the people and the way their problems are (not) solved has also been the same. Majority of the government officials are corrupt and it still takes a considerable amount of time and a heavy dose of money feeding to the government officers to get any work done. Every time I see the traffic police at the signal, I fear for he would stop me and rob me of 50/100 rupees for apparently no fault of mine. If someone’s bike skids and he falls off on or near the traffic signal the policemen rush to him, not to help him get up but to remove his bike’s key, so that he cannot go away without filling the pockets of the policemen. The pizza comes in less than 30 minutes, while the ambulance takes hours to reach someone suffering from a heart attack. The electricity production still does not match the electricity requirement. And while there are power cuts at other places, the areas which have the houses of the politicians continue to enjoy uninterrupted power supply. The government hospitals are in complete mess, and there are more patients than beds, while the doctors continue to tend to people at their private clinics who can pay them the fees they ask, also enjoying the salary from the government, for not attending to patients at the government hospital. The farmers continue to take their own lives as the government fails to solve their problems. The slums continue to grow, and also the illiteracy rate and the percentage of people below the poverty line. While our leaders continue to amass wealth and grow richer, which is evident from their huge properties, assets and bank accounts. We all know where this money comes from. Almost every one of our politicians is involved in a scam that continues to fill their pockets. Some of these have come in front of all while some remain hidden to this date. The government is negligent towards our policemen who are equipped with age-old equipment and no bullet proof jackets and are forced to face the bullets of the terrorists having AK47 rifles. We saw many of our policemen die at the hands of these terrorists when Mumbai was attacked only because they did not have the proper equipment to face such a situation. And even today almost a year after the incident, the condition remains the same. Though funds were granted, but they got gobbled up in the way. And all this is just the tip of the iceberg. There are many more things that are a clear example that our leaders have done nothing till date. There may even be much darker and dirtier truths below.

We have been electing our leaders for the past 60 years now. Yet at every election time, the issue of ‘Bijli, Paani aur Sadak’ continues to feature in their speeches. They have shamelessly been giving the same promises and later on forgetting them. Today when we vote, all we get is the choice to select from amongst a set of corrupt, power-hungry candidates. We very rarely have an option who we can say is honest and won’t be corrupted by power. Try asking your candidate to give in writing what he has promised will be kept. Most probably he will chicken out. And if we realize that electing a particular candidate was a mistake, to rectify that mistake we have to wait for a good 5 years. And then at the time of the next elections all we can do is not elect him. There is absolutely no guarantee that the person who we will be electing now will use is powers for our benefit. It is just a process of trial and error with us getting more and more options as the time moves on. And moreover, we can’t undo what we have done until the term ends.

In the end, if our elected leaders can enjoy a 5 year-long paid vacation, why are we shouted at if we take a one day vacation? Why are we slammed if we do not vote? After all what can our voting change, it will probably bring down one person and bring to power the other one. How does it matter to us if the condition still has to remain to same? If nothing is to change, why to vote?


A Tyro’s Guide to EnlighTenment

There are many things towards which we have prejudices or predilections without experiencing it. One such word is ‘Osho’. Different people, different views. What I’ll try here is to dispel the darkness and give you an unambiguous picture of what it really is. I recently paid ‘The Osho Ashram’ in Mehsana (Gujarat) a visit.

In the suburbs of Mehsana, lies a high walled enclosure which is enshrined by a picture of Osho. Once you enter the premises, multitude photographs of Osho will be surrounding you; the photo in itself exuding a kind of glow which is very rare to see. If you haven’t seen his picture yet, he’s pretty similar to the Hogwart’s principal, Albus Dumbledore from the Harry Potter tale. The ashram is nothing less than a five star resort when it is compared in terms of cleanliness and system. Lush green lawns, flowers in their full bloom and a labyrinth of pavements criss-crossing through a garden and a waterfall leave you breathless.

So how is it different? I was introduced to the concept of commune living here. What this means is that a group of people live here permanently forming their own little community and dividing their labour on an equal scale. Every task is considered humble. Contact with the outside world is minimal. Guests are allowed in cottages throughout the year and they can experience a different style of living. Food is simple and there are five meditation sessions daily which are not compulsory but you’d attend them anyways because there isn’t much more to do. There is no television or bar or other regular sources of entertainment to which many of us are accustomed and so not attending these sessions after coming here wouldn’t make any sense. What osho preaches has a scientific base and it is not a religion. Osho’s philosophy doesn’t preach any god or for that matter, even a physical form of god. What it tells you is to wake up and be aware of yourself. People end their lives in slumber without any knowledge. People should use their energies fruitfully and channelize their energy into the right direction with conviction. Osho isn’t against materialism and as a proof of that, you can find air conditioned cottages and even extravagant merc’s within the commune. You’ll also find biscuits and soft drinks in the ‘zorbas’ which are within the commune. To make it simpler and lighter I’ll list down a few points which will make your decision of either paying the ashram a visit or not a bit easier.

Reasons to go:

1)      If you’re tired of the daily hustle and bustle. The peace and calmness here is beyond the point of imagination. It’s like some exotic Himalayan peak (the only difference being the temperature).

2)      If you want your own space. People respect your space here. You’re left with ample amount to do whatever you wish to.

3)      If you want to visualize a fight between the religious pandit, pujari’s and the creative artists. I’d a very vivid image of this while Osho thrashed this Pujari’s for fooling people with havan’s and Puja’s. He says that artists who are fully involved in their creation are much closer to god than these religious fools. Whatever you do, fall in love with it or rather do the thing which you love to do.

4)      If you want your daily dose of what I call ‘The Mithun dance’. You’re bound to be a witness to this dance during the meditation sessions when many of the devotees burst out into fits of joy and lose all their inhibitions to dance as if there’s no tomorrow. And you can giggle your guts out because you have your space! But don’t overdo it.

5)      If you love to sleep. There’s no one to disturb you. Sleep. Sleep. Zzzz… Sleep until time starts decelerating.

Reasons for giving it a miss:

1)      If you think that you’ll be engulfed by the cult. Yes. For sure. It is a cult. If the worldly matters are not enough for you to keep going, don’t go. You might become one of Osho’s and join the commune.

2)      If you can’t handle too much peace and if you’re an insomniac. Because there’s not much to do other than think and eat and sleep.

3)      If you like watching television for more than two hours a day and if you like watching serial’s like big boss and rakhi ka whatever… Don’t go. There’s too much for you on t.v.

4)      If you like digging your nose. You’ll have so much time on your hands that your hands will desperately try to use it to fill them with something else…

5)      If un-waxed female legs are a turn off for you and you can’t stand it. You’ll find a few of those.

On a more serious note, I’d advise anyone who wants a different view at life, a stay for at least a couple of days. The lectures which are shown are not some religious gospels preaching superstitions and sayings which have very little practical meaning. The philosophy of Osho finds corroboration in the thoughts of great thinkers like H.G.Wells and Karl Marx. I’ll cite a simple example, who runs everything? What Osho says is that there is no supreme being. Everything runs on itself and that is how it is meant to be. If there is a Supreme Being, the question will arise as to who runs this Supreme Being? And it will lead to an infinite loop. So instead of unnecessarily complicating things it is easier to accept that things make themselves happen. A perfectly logical conclusion!

Just go there and experience something mystical. Your brain wheels will start churning and you’ll return to the world with renewed vigour. Because what Osho (or that’s what I understood) says is that living in the world worldlessly and still being at the top of the world is the way to live and leave your mark.

Discretion: If you are aware of these things and believe you’re already at that stage of awareness. Kudos! Go to the ashram for a week. You’ll love it. For those who found the above statement Latin, go for a couple of days to decipher the code and get the experience.


I am writing this sitting comfortably in the chair car of Karnavati, on my way to Ahmedabad. This is how I ll be celebrating Diwali. Its my TOEFL tomorrow. I had booked a chair car thinking I ll be able to prepare for the test on my laptop in the train. Turns out, I cant! There’s too much movement, too much chaos around…. I tried doing some reading comprehension but finally gave up when this kid came close to spilling water on my lappy. So now, keeping an eye out for irritating toddlers, I ve decided to do something that’s long overdue… Write!!

I wrote this thing about New York (the movie) about 3 months back… It was my 2nd post ever. And after that, I got a writer’s block!! (And imagine, an aptitude test I gave in std 11 said I should be a novelist!!) I tried to but couldnt write. Was too lazy. Too busy. And at times too boring. Not to mention the huge complex I got seeing the wonderful and at times awesomely incomprehensible musings of my fellow bloggers. Who’d be interested in what I ve got to say about boring, mundane stuff when there are people talking about smoking, hanging God (nice one Pareek :)), estrangements, enchantments and so much more…. I did try some stuff but fell asleep halfway through writing it! So now, with nothing better to do while I wait for Karnavati to reach Karnavati, I am attempting this again.

Topic.. topic.. topic… why do I always need a topic? Why cant I write about anything, everything? Why do I have to be so fastidious? Why always organise my thoughts and present them as if I m giving a seminar (November 7th!! : my seminar )?? No I don’t. Its my blog (ours actually!!), I can write what I want… So here it goes… I cant believe I ve written close to 300 words already, saying nothing!!

Since I am being so open I thought I’ll share with u the different topics I thought I’ll write on before finally deciding to write about: Nothing.

I wanted to write about the flu.. Naah not the swine flu. Swine flu is passé! SVNIT has seen a new outbreak… Blog-Flu!!! Every other day, I saw a new status update among some friend on my gtalk contact list mentioning his/her newly minted blog.. I was happy!! I felt I had the perfect fodder for a biting, sarcastic article ripping the newbies off. But, much to my astonishment and dismay, almost all of them write well. Too well actually. So instead of the biting and self-invigorating post I had envisaged, all I got was self doubt, a complex, and more self doubt. The ‘roller coaster’s, the ‘i got my answer’s, the ‘oneamongdruck’s , and the ‘expiredbond’s bowled me over; not to mention the veteran ‘allpartoftheplan’s, the ‘faultythought’s, the much publicized (or should I say publicizing ?? :)) ‘blogging park’ and of course gauravpareek!! And how can I forget our very own blundering malice!! I felt small, silly and dull in front of these awesome bloggers… So I chucked the idea and decided to wait for something else..

Aah!! then came the three lettered golden goose… GRE! I gave my exam and got a decent score. The score was decent enough to be mentioned on the aforementioned blundering malice. It was like being mentioned on Aaj Tak or India Tv!! I was over the moon!! So i decided to write about GRE. I was sure I could write pages and pages on GRE. How to build vocab, how to not touch maths till the last week, which books to use, which classes to attend et al… But again, God (Pareek had not hung him till then. If u don’t get this pls refer to :)) had other plans… Just as I was about to complete the post, I googled “GRE help” and realised how redundant my things were. Anyone who had access to the net and spent 5-10 mins on google could write what I was writing. Another thing I found was that there were hundreds of people out there who had done much much better than me. So it was chucking time once again…

So now I was a bit low on self-esteem. Quite low actually. I got thinking about all my failures and came to a conclusion. SVNIT sucks!! I realised I had got nothing out of this institute except contempt, anger, helplessness, and increased sleep… Ya ya I did get great friends and all that cr*p… but still I was too depressed to look at the brighter side. One day when I couldn’t keep my emotions to myself any longer, I decided to write again. I decided to trash SVNIT, its pretentious people, the endless sycophancy, the obscene nepotism. And a whole lot of other things I don’t even remember now. So I wrote and I wrote, for a full 2 hours… Again, the yet-not-hung God decided to stop me in my tracks! It was joyfest!! Joy of Giving week. People out there were doing great deeds, playing with young children, giving them a great time, playing guitars, donating bikes and so much more. Almost every third person on orkut expressed his/her contentment with life. People were in love with SVNIT! I felt marooned on an island while others made merry on the mainland… It was clearly not the time for my explosive, venom-spewing post! I deleted what I had written and decided to find some Joy (not the Barot guy) for me too… On a serious note, hats off to the joyfest guys. U guys gave me atleast some vicarious satisfaction of having done something good!

There were many other passing ideas too. Gandhiji on 2nd October, Barack Obama when he got the nobel, why i want to leave Gujarat forever, Kareena, Israel, etc were some of them. I don’t want to go into details for lack of space, time and intention. Suffice it to say that I chucked everything I wrote or thought of.

So here I am now, writing about ‘nothing’ so that the confluence guys atleast don’t throw me out! 🙂

I ve crossed baroda now and am feeling up for a nap.. So I ll end it here. See u in another 3 months time I guess! Dont miss me too much. If u do, there are always other blog-flu affected people u can look up to. 🙂



Toote taare ko dekh hasta hai koyee..
muskurata hai koyee..
aur koyee laga deta hai farmaish..
par uss dard ko koi mehsoos nahi karta
jiss dard ki wo taara kar raha hota hai aazmaish..
toot kar..
bikhar kar..
apne falak se door hokar…
aa girta hai wo zameen par
jahan milte hai usse tanhayee aur thokar..
fir sochta hai wo…
aise usne kya bura kaam kiya..??
jiski use saja mili….
andar se ek awwaz aayi…
bohat tha guroor tujhe aasman mein hone ka..
ab le maja apne sapno se door hone ka…
jab dekhta tha neeche toh yun itrata tha jaise aasman ka tu he tha akela sitara
kabhi dekha tune apne pass ka nazara…?
sadaa khud mein he khoya raha..
apne he khwaabon mein soya raha…
toh tune aise kya kaam kiya jisse tujhe aasman mein rakha jaata….?
isiliye tujhe aaj yeh sthaan mila………
aur asmaan se ye jameen ka jahan mila……

though end is very far but u have to drill in few features into yourself now if u want to harvest the gains later otherwise remorse,repent will be your best friends………………………………………


Effect of Money in Deciding a Career

Money…the word that is synonymous with success…is a thing which appears to be desirable for all but a few people….

But can it be the sole or the primary factor in deciding a career?? inspect that question …we need to look into the mental growth and upbringing of a person..

A person brought up in wants and unfulfilled desires, is more likely to be running after money than a person who has never suffered or known what “want” means…being lavishly showered with whatever he/she has asked for….but…there also exist contradicting examples…

there comes the role of the principles which wer instilled in one by one’s parents,friends or other close ones…

Principles n a person’s family economical condition (when growing up) don’t go hand in hand..

so when it comes to deciding a career…a lot many people go by the returns expected from that job.. not givin much thought to whether they wil actually enjoy doin the job or not…

So the outcome remains…dat after earning well enough for a decade or so..people get frustrated with their careers or jobs…n feel d need to reshape it…

But here comes d twist..wen it becomes too late…to change from sumthing u never liked..

A gud idea wud be to go by one’s passion but check d returns involved in it as well….coz reality n fancy r not d same thing..

Reality is–

we do need sum good amount of money to live life well…

Fancy is-

when we try to opt for something ..which we know wil involve very less return…

but here comes the irony…

Some people dont really have the option of choosing fancy over  reality..dey hav to face d reality….

so dey can really try to fulfil their fancy as somethng  like a recreational activity….to keep themselves “alive” n “kicking”..

thus.. ..a proper balance of “reality” n “fancy” is needed when decidin a career…n even when d former is chosen…life dusnt end der….

u can always kip ur time mixed between what is necessary n what u like doin most…

D “best” is when u start likin what u do n it becomes your passion…:-)

Marke pahucha khuda k pass

Marke pahucha khuda k pass

na jaane kyon uska mood thhanka

aur dimag sanka

lene laga hisaab meri buriyon ka.

dhoondhta gaya dhoondhta gaya


Sirf ek he bura kaam kiya tune.

Mujhse jyada kisi aur ko yaad kiya tune..

Iski tujhe saza milegi..

Aur agle janam mein tu dinosaur aur wo chipkali banegi…

Aur chah kar bhi tu use na chu payega..

Aur jo chuaa toh dharti par akela reh jayega..

Main muskuraya…

Aur usko smjhaya..

Kone mein le gaya

aur bataya..

Ki hey khuda tu apni banayee

reet khud bhool gaya..

Aur ek sachhe pyar ko pehchaan ne mein chook gaya..

Wo mere dil mein rehta hai..

Har pal uski yaad mujhe jeene ki nayee rah hai deti..

Gar main aisa he hota..

Toh aaj tere saath main baat na kar raha hota

kahin tanha baith k rota..

Kyonki tune mujhe yahan akela bulaya..

Abki khuda muskuraya

hasa bola..

Bete main tera baap hun..

Aur ye jo bol raha hai na ye maine he tujhe sikhaya hai

bachhe ye aaj tujhe samajh mein aaya hai

ki sachha pyaar kya hota hai

kya hota hai dil mein dard le k bhi muskurana

aur dariye mein reh kar aag lagana

uski ye baaten sun mera digmaag ghoom gaya

do pal k liye bheja sir se nikal dharti ko choom gaya

mere dimaag mein ek khayaal aaya

thodi masti thoda nasha chaaya

aur pooch dala jo dil mein aaya

ae khuda ye sab hai tera banaya..

kya tune kabhi kise se dil lagaya…

Uth khada hua wo ghura mujhe wo chhati ko taan

ye dekh meri to nikal gayi jaan

isse pehle main vinamrata se baat ko ghumata

wo phir dheere se muskuraya

tub mujhe kuch sukoon aaya

aur khat se mu khola aur bola

are yaar tu toh saari duniya k baare mein jaanta hai

har kissa,har kahani har bande ko pehchaanta hai

aaj kuch apna haal bata..

Ki ab tak aayi sabki baari

abki baari khuda tumhari

ki kya teri zindagi mein koi pyaar ka mausam aaya hai

ya yahan baithe tune sirf khayali pulao banaya hai..

Wo bhadak gaya..

Pehli baar uski dhukti rag pe shayad kisi ne rakha tha haath

maine kaha aadat daal le tujhe rehna hai mere saath..

Usne kaha ki he nadaan

yehi hai farak

main hun bhagwaan aur tu insaan

isse pehle wo kuch aur kehta maine dekha mauka aur maara



kya faida tere khuda hone ka..

Sabse balwaan hone ka

jab tune kabhi kisi se dil he na lagaya

to tune khuda ho k bhi kya paya..

Are tujhse achha wo insaan hai

jo tere banaye zahaan mein

us khoobsurati ka ehsaas karta hai..

Jise tune hai banaya

par kabhi use khud na aazmaya

lekin tu pyaar kar kaise sakta hai..

Dekh sansaar ki sab ladkiyon ko to tune he banaya hai

aur aakash mein sab deviyon ko pehle he kisi na kisi ne

pataya hai

tu toh reh gaya akela

chahta tu bhi hoga aam

par na mila tujhe kela..

Wo jor se hasa..

Aur itne mein mera payr kahin fasa

wo hasta gaya mera payr dhasta gaya

aa gaya wapas apne jahaan mein

wapas apne ghar jo hai hindustaan mein..

Thoda sa jaldi mujhe tha meri ma ne jagaya

warna sahi tha maine use fasaya..

Mujhe uspe taras tha aaya

kya kare wo jisne buna ho har taana

aur usi ko na mile ek bhi daana..

Toh ye tha meri neend ka fasana

jisse chahta to tha gungunana

par sahi samaye pe sahi dhun na ban payee

isiliye aapko kavita k roop maine ye kahani hai