Effect of Money in Deciding a Career

Money…the word that is synonymous with success…is a thing which appears to be desirable for all but a few people….

But can it be the sole or the primary factor in deciding a career??

Well..to inspect that question …we need to look into the mental growth and upbringing of a person..

A person brought up in wants and unfulfilled desires, is more likely to be running after money than a person who has never suffered or known what “want” means…being lavishly showered with whatever he/she has asked for….but…there also exist contradicting examples…

there comes the role of the principles which wer instilled in one by one’s parents,friends or other close ones…

Principles n a person’s family economical condition (when growing up) don’t go hand in hand..

so when it comes to deciding a career…a lot many people go by the returns expected from that job.. not givin much thought to whether they wil actually enjoy doin the job or not…

So the outcome remains…dat after earning well enough for a decade or so..people get frustrated with their careers or jobs…n feel d need to reshape it…

But here comes d twist..wen it becomes too late…to change from sumthing u never liked..

A gud idea wud be to go by one’s passion but check d returns involved in it as well….coz reality n fancy r not d same thing..

Reality is–

we do need sum good amount of money to live life well…

Fancy is-

when we try to opt for something ..which we know wil involve very less return…

but here comes the irony…

Some people dont really have the option of choosing fancy over  reality..dey hav to face d reality….

so dey can really try to fulfil their fancy as somethng  like a recreational activity….to keep themselves “alive” n “kicking”..

thus.. ..a proper balance of “reality” n “fancy” is needed when decidin a career…n even when d former is chosen…life dusnt end der….

u can always kip ur time mixed between what is necessary n what u like doin most…

D “best” is when u start likin what u do n it becomes your passion…:-)


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