What happens before we voice our opinion? There’s a very interesting psychological phenomena I came across. I would pose a question and carry out it’s analysis. A person asks you something or puts forward a statement. You voice out vehemently that you would never even think of doing it. But saying that “you’d never think of doing it”, doesn’t prove in itself that you already thought of doing it? Let me take an example. I’d pick up a topic which would seem gruesome to many. Incest. It disgusts? Right? You’d say that you’d never ever do it. But the very moment you consider the thought of doing it, there’s a probability that you would do it.

Leave alone someone asking you. Suppose you come across a subject and you think about all the possible responses. All these responses have some probability of you doing it. Even though you oppose few of the considerations, you already considered them and so you might do it. Someone might argue that any such issue is bound to have an affirmation or a negation and so a person would definitely consider all the factors in his ken which would surely include a yes or a no making it impossible for a person to overlook these possibilities. The human mind is analytical. But is the person deceiving himself when he says he would never do something (or will always do something). Is it just will power or is the unconscious playing a part? If we lose consciousness, would we do it all without any prejudices? Look in deep and you’d find that you’d do anything. There are a few explanations like the thing that brings consciousness is the brain or the ethics and the surroundings of a person are what is shaping this reluctance. But I would go ahead if it generates a few responses or else I’ll keep amusing myself.


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