My buddy G

Warning: Readers are hereby informed that following article is full of crap and I do not take any responsibility for any intellectual damage. And F readers (I hope there are and if not M readers please send it to your girl friends), if any of you like my thoughts feel free to contact me. My inspiration for writing this article is my senior Mr D and article is dedicated to my friend G.

My buddy G

ME- Fifteen years spent in the school, didn’t even know her name and never even noticed or felt her existence

Pervert part of my soul,

P – Not her fault because recently, I was informed by a girl from my school days that the fairer sex thought I didn’t like to talk to them. Well guess what, it’s not true and whoever reads this, I under social obligation of no fellow being dying virgin, plead you to inform them I would love to talk to them 24 x 7.

ME- Finally, we met through lamest and most pathetic way in the world (yes through Orkut!!).

ME- Now our story is certainly not ending with two bodies (or souls for dirty minds) completing each other.

P- It’s not a phrase. According to Greek philosophy, there were quad legged, quad armed di headed creatures (like two humans stuck back to back).But Zeus, Greek God, feared that these creatures will become more powerful than Gods. So he separated them with thunders and thus when two creatures mate, they are actually completing themselves with the part they had lost centuries ago. Alas, Greek Philosophers didn’t see people screwing dozens around them at that time!!

ME- And my relation with G is also not a sad ending like Romeo and Juliet and tears running down viewer’s cheeks.

P- Including me .Yes ladies note it I also get carried away sometimes. THAT means I can get emotionally involved with you and satisfy your so called “emotional needs”.

ME-My story with G is more like a mast less ship stuck in midst of a storm, uncertain of being completely destroyed or being thrown onto some treasure island. Yeah I know it’s not interesting; then why am I writing it? I want to write because I want to know how much I have understood her

P-Hey Hey F readers do take a note I try to understand about which you girls complain most “He is just not trying to understand me “

Lets talk something about G

ME- After a year of chatting on yahoo and a date (may be meeting!!), what I came to know about G is that a Gujju girl (you must have understood by now how she is but nevertheless) who considers herself a one man woman but has great artistic skills.

P- But first dear F readers, it’s not my fault for such long chatting before date or whatever, I assure you I am ready for blind date also.

(ME- Three weeks before I had left writing this article and here I am continuing it as I am unable to study because two days back I met serious–hmm yep I mean it literally–crush number 3 of my life. So since morning I am just thinking about my fairy and my fairy-tale.

P- NOTICE : F readers please don’t get disappointed because fairy-tales are hypothetical and especially in my case never becomes real. So I am still available.)

ME- Getting back to G, she is like an ice cream cone. First bite of hers, I definitely assure any M will love but after that will come the harder part of the cone which will take away the joy of the softer ice cream (well we had our share of fights) but if you dig deep deep inside her you will know how chocolaty she is !!

P- All M readers are hereby informed that all the fore mentioned lines are in emotional sense and not what you voracious minds think.

ME- Now what I love about her? (not in literary sense Ohh India everything needs to be cleared) Well first of all like I said her soft ice cream like nature in the beginning

P- F readers if anyone interested after reading this much, an important point to note is that I am usually very bad in the genesis stage of relation so please bear me for sometime.

ME- But she was very cool with me and infact every time I screwed up we came more closer.And other thing I like about her is her artistic instincts and her ability to convert those into reality

P- All artistic F- readers I worship your kind, as I consider artist equivalent to God as after him only, you are the only ones able to convert dreams into reality.

ME-On the whole she is nice girl and all M-readers (who are satisfied by decent looking girl) “Check her out.”(But be prepared to do atleast 90 days of base work).I hope G will get her Dream boy!!(typically gujjuish)

ME- I don’t know where am I directing this article but what the heck its life, we never know its ending.

P- I can get some girl due to this article or I can lose a girl.

ME- But whatever happens I will never forget G because I have had some great moments with her!!!


21 grams

How many lives do we live? How many times do we die? They say we all live is 21 grams at the exact moment of our death. Yes everyone! How much fits in 21 grams? How much is lost? When do we lose 21 grams? How much is gained? How much? 21 grams, weight of a chocolate bar, a humming bird, may be 50 paise coin! How much does 21 grams weigh?

Nope it’s not another story about barbarism, killings, rapes and other human acts of devilry. I will not write such things because I haven’t seen them. Only things that will travel from my mind through my hands to paper are facts. Yes my friend only facts. And for me fact is what I have experienced, not even stuff seen on television. I don’t intend to blame anyone neither hindus nor muslims. Well for me, even labeling people as formerly used is throbbing.

The day after train was burned down in Godhra

It was morning time and I was the only one awake and was very happy for school had been cancelled that day due to “BHARAT BANDH”.I was watching news about what had happened in Godhra. Infact the whole day was a picnic for me as after a very long time my whole family spent a day together. Day gave off to night. Mom was cooking food in the kitchen and rest of us were watching news at a very high volume. Suddenly my mom came rushing to the room with her voice collapsing, “Reduce the volume. I think someone is shouting in the vicinity. Instantly someone (out of my brother, father and me) reduced volume and I heard first cries, hauls of my life. Clattering of the vessels mingled with these cries giving rise to some cannibalistic ritual music. This clattering was a signal to gather slayers or a signal to start attack. Dad ordered us to shut off the lights and then he went out to check if the doors were properly closed. Soon after that he called the police and told them,” Sir, some people are attacking our society so please can you send “.To which the man on the receiving end interrupted, “We cannot do anything until next 72 hrs. Riots have broken out in the whole city and we don’t have enough force.” “But” and policeman had already hung up the phone. We all were standing shell shocked in the darkness after listening to conversation. My dad told my mom to take me to the underground cellar we had in our house and not to come out of it under any circumstances, even if they entered the house and killed him, while he and my brother will stay above to guard the house. “How can they do this to us?”,stuttered my mom while we were in the cell. Even after seven years I don’t know what the answer to that question is. The only thing I know is that how it feels to suffocate nearly to death for almost 10 hours in the non-ventilated hot cellar and trembling with fear, listening to cries of my neighbours and hauls of the devils-misanthropists, expecting the doom of my father, brother, mother at any moment and utilizing every instant to gain enough strength to avoid dying with fear and to face death at any second. We were spared for the moment but didn’t they kill a part of us? Is life of the other beings really so cheap to us?

The girl with a beautiful smile

After completing most of the daily chores, i headed towards race course tower to do day’s last work .Race course towers ,place like cloud nine from outside as usually surrounded by most intrigue beauties of city .I call them intrigue as till date i don’t know what were they doing outside such gloomy place ? May be they were placed there by the gluttonous traders who inhabited RCT .They provided not only with materialistic desires but also provided techniques to become fittest in this darwin’s world. By the murkiness of RCT one can make out people residing in it where like blood sucking demons who lived on money and sucked it from any innocent soul who entered RCT.


After enjoying mystic beauties outside, I went in search of elevator as I wanted to go to fifth floor, topmost floor of RTC.I climbed stairs in hope of finding elevator but there were none, so desperately I went to basement .But before I could reach elevator I had to pass through some goofy eyes who from outside seemed so innocent as newly born baby but I knew beneath was hidden infinite greed. So ignoring them I went elevator and pressed green button although I knew it was already being pressed by other beings waiting for elevator. I could sense uneasiness they were feeling as these modern technologies have though given as much physical comfort as man could ever imagine but it has taken spiritual gift given to man by almighty, named patience. Finally elevator arrived, opening doors and all waiting souls rushed in as if their sole goal in life is to reach their destination. But I can understand and I pity them as I knew there were held under spell of traders who promised to fulfil their desires. Well I was also one of the victims and came under spell of beautiful sorceress who promised me to teach a mystic skill named pro e to draw any machine part in this world in return of money which according to her was very meagre in comparison of what she was offering to me and yes my friend being an engineer, I too was tempted.


Finally I reached the office and seeing me she smiled and asked straight away if I had brought her recompense or not .I had brought money in fact I had to as I had yearned so much to acquire that skill. As soon as I gave her money, she called for her aide who on her command handed me a awful bag and a volume which had methods to develop that mystic skill which used the mankind’s most useful and even most harming creation, computer. Her aide guided me to the gloomy place where many such machines called computer were kept and besides them beings full of apathy and exhaustion. But still I could see desperateness and yearning in them to acquire their respective skill. I went inside to become part of that agony to fulfil my hunger of being better than others and to take first step to acquire that skill that will in future help me to earn more and thus an attempt to satisfy my greed of money .Afraid, yes I was afraid like hell as I feared that paleness I saw on their face but I knew soon I will be accustomed to it and will mingle with them and become lifeless like thirsty man in the middle of the desert but having hope to get out with treasures of the desert after harsh suffering in a few days. But out of blue I saw something, so pure so pious, a smile. It was like a ray of light in darkness, oasis in midst of desert, first drop of rain after scorching heat of summer and so beautiful oh my God, my Almighty is that is what feel of heaven? I wondered for this many years what is beautiful possession of woman and at that instant I got my answer it’s not those beautiful curves, not even most disguised den of sensuality. Its her lips so soothing , sensuous, deep red like haima .From the distance I could feel its softness and then suddenly my euphoria was destroyed by the tutor who was going to teach me pro e in two months. While he was telling something to me, I was engrossed in just one thought how could a friger like me feel something so pure like that? So I again looked at that beauty and she smiled again. Seeing her it felt something magical as if deep down my heart, joy was stored in some kind of container and not allowed even to lick till just one gaze made joy and happiness explode from that container and it kept multiplying like nuclear fission reaction.


After half an hour my tutor told me to do practice of what he had taught that day. So I went and sat next to her. Again I gazed her in a way she will not notice me but she did and faced me and I saw just her eyes deep blue and I felt as if lost in them as a being lost in vast ocean. Indeed I was lost I reached a neverland. Yes my neverland full of flowers, greenery but no insects nor even a single harmful being around, beautiful climate -mild cold but still snowflakes coming from light blue sky, lounges made of flowers kept nearby and soft music playing nearby which soothed the soul . As I turned, I found a river of chocolate flowing nearby. Was I dreaming? I rubbed my eyes .No it was really a river of chocolate .Then suddenly I felt someone’s hand on my shoulder. It was her that mystic beauty but adorned in white attire like angel. She again showed me her charming smile and instantly I wondered who is she? As if she had heard it she told me” Glass is still half filled, Ray but only thing is you are seeing it as half empty. Did you like this place?” I nodded in affirmation. She continued” It’s your heaven, your cloud nine. See here there are no machines, no people, no restlessness, no competition, just peace, calmness and plain-simple natural beauty”. To which I interrupted “Just like your smile”. She giggled and continued” Enjoy as much as you want dear, relax.”Then she disappeared and then I had most beautiful and happiest moments listening to soft music, bathing in chocolate river and what not. As I lay asleep on flowery lounge she appeared again and softly told me that it was the  time to return. I begged her to let me stay or atleast promise me to bring there again. On which she said “It is your world dear. You can visit it whenever you wish .World is what you see, black to some eyes, black &white to some others and colourful as rainbow or kaleidoscope to few lucky ones”. With those words she faded away and I was there again in that room but it no more seemed gloomy to me nor people around me were sad .And I understood I wasn’t there to learn pro e to survive in this world but was there to do something new, to taste life from different angle, to share few moments of life with different people. Suddenly in the midst of typhoon of thoughts I realized that girl, my angel was not there. I turned to see her leave the room and for the last time I saw her smile so mystic, so pure, and so peaceful that till date and till the day I die, I will never forget it.


From that day, traders were no longer blood sucking monsters and nor was RTC anymore gloomy and I stopped friging also as I didn’t consider that nakedness as beauty anymore. The world was just as I saw it, my heaven, my cloud nine.