You can’t handle the truth

Hello everyone! This post is the work of a talented blogger who goes by the name of A.S.Krishnan and studies at SVNIT in 3rd year of Mechanical Engineering. He wanted to publish his post on confluence but did not have a wordpress account. So i am posting this on his behalf. Happy reading!!

Colonel Nathan Jessup was put on the stand. Lieutenant Kaffee faced him “I think I am entitled to the truth”. Jessup says the 29th most prominent punch line of all time.


Ok, sons and daughters of this holy land, we live in a world that is under a constant media scrutiny. Every single move, whether I talk, tweet or do anything a normal guy does turns into a scam. Every confidential letter is leaked to the press for money. All right, education it is. We live in a country that has 28 states, 7 union territories, 23 languages with 1650 dialects out of whom 64.8% are literate ( 57.3% females and 75.3% males) with a sex ratio of 1:9.4 males : females. There are 350-400 people below the poverty line i.e. 36%. With every state having a different government and having n number of parties with n number of propagandas, it makes it tougher to implement a law. Every problem has a way of redressing, a system is in place. For example if a bus window is broken, if I have a speedy replacement, then the cost has to be covered for that person. The bill has to pass through 10 other people and by the time it reaches the concerned person, it takes 5 days at least. Then the money has to be sanctioned and looked after properly or else my head will spin off for an IT raid. So tell me who will take care of such a system, you, the random guy on the judge’s seat or the common man? No, it has to be the government always. All right now, education it is.

There are 23 languages and every student is the same for me. I need to bring all to the same level they pass out at the 12th grade or else we will have a mismatch at the college level. So, I say a uniform text book standard has to be there. So what happens? A few governments oppose it saying they are against this, why? I am from a party X. if you are from a party Y then your first duty is to oppose what X says. A sane person will be suppressed and the politically correct one will continue to live at the expense of a common man. They do not realize that until a concrete step is taken, the BPL living families will suffer and continue to suffer till the law passes. Now coming to the concept of tuition classes or rather coaching classes. In early days, tuition was given to those students who fared badly in exams and required assistance. I presume it must be the reverse in the current situation. The top student goes to a class so that he can become even better. If he needs a coaching class to teach him what he learns again, then why have schools. Ok, to negate this, IIT JEE was made easier. But no, today the society takes advantage of this and wants the paper so easy that even a monkey with black ink on his/her tail marks the paper in a random permutation, he/she can get through. So what do I do now, make sure we do well in 12th exams. But no, I am an elitist. If I decide against it, I play vote bank politics. So you people tell me what I have to do. Why does caste, money have to do with education? Education is something so important to all, so much that it has to be free. Why do people have to charge money to teach people? Isn’t passing on knowledge an important duty that we have to do for the society, but Robin Hood style- I insist.

Another point, why engineering? Why is every single Indian hell bent on pursuing a useless degree in a college which will make you go outside the country, never to come back, when you very same people talk of patriotism. You will go there, live there, pay taxes there and that country will flourish. We lose a taxpayer of the highest order. We lose revenue. Don’t you realize that this is an infinite loop and that this may be inadvertently a cause for poor education; the fact that the taxpayers don’t pay taxes. Also why is engineering the only thing kids are interested in? It is like a public toilet where the students inside want to leave and those outside want to enter. I can hear students say “I will miss my friends, but not my college”. The sanctity of an IIT, NIT has become so much as that it is referred to as public toilets in public. And you NIT dudes, you must have definitely come thinking that I have lost my life as I lost a seat in IIT. But believe me; NIT students should have more fire in their hearts to come out on tops. But no, you people get worse once you reach college.

So solutions, first before shooting your mouths off, see what facilities your teachers and their families have before cribbing about your life. What is their motivation to teach you if all you give about them is a time to criticise them. Can you better them and teach? By all means, take up teaching. Goodness knows that we can do with more teachers. Next, encourage all 10th standard students to take up other professions. Why doesn’t anyone take up sports? I mean a real sport, not a “game” called Cricket. Take up football. Don’t you realise that a Didier Drogba means so much to Ivory Coast than Yuvraj Singh does to a random common man of the country. Be a Drogba, Essien, Zidane and not a Yuvi, Mahi and Bhajji. Goddammit take up hockey, your national sport. Isn’t it shameful enough that you see India getting a golden spoon in Hockey world cup? Take up commerce, no company can be without an accountant or a manager. In fact, if you do a B.Com and then a MBA rather than engg. and then a MBA, then you actually have a year in hand for fruitful purposes. Waise bhi, you don’t learn much in engineering. Take up music, dance, and journalism if you are faint at heart. For the true patriot, join the NDA-National Defence Academy; take up IPS, IAS, UPSC and what not. Don’t talk about patriotism sitting in your chair in Silicon Valley that too through Twitter.

So for the current “engineers”, at least pay taxes properly. For those budding engineers, IIT is not the only thing in life. MARKS are not the only thing in life. Get a life, join the Chipko movement. To the rest, GFAT!!!!

Kaffee asks “Did you order the IIT entrance law to be forged?” “You are goddamn right I did”

Kaffee puts forward his argument. The courtroom waits with baited silence. The jury arise. Jessup has a sly smile.

The jury pronounce Jessup guilty of forgery, corruption and of so many other charges. There is no room for an educated person in a country like India. That’s why we Tweet in Silicon Valley.