Imagine a Diwali away from home in a lonely place called Surat, where in you have never ever stayed away from home for the biggest festival of India. Sounds lonely, isn’t it! But imagine a Diwali, the biggest festival in India with some of the nicest people, good friends and awesome colleagues around (read Onkar Singh, Ankit Shukla, Sujoy Das and Mohit Kamra),

dosen’t it sound great. Well I had this awesomest Diwali experience this time, when my work forced me to spend my Diwali in Surat, away from home with none of my family members around. This is post is nothing but a manifestation of my experience of Diwali 2010. If I would have posted this post on confluence a year ago, I would have had to face music from Gaurav and Deval, but since now I own this site and also people do not visit this site any more with the same enthusiasm as before, I don’t think I will have any issues with this post being put up on confluence. Anyway it was always about giving your idea a stage, if people were interested in it or not has always been a different issue and totally upon the people.

In more than one ways, this Diwali was very abnormal for me. The first thing was being away from home during the one time everyone is home. But add to the list having no restrictions, bursting firecrackers on the footpath with traffic on both sides, getting involved in a rocket fight with the other side of the road with some completely unknown people as my teammates and then being in the crossfire of the same war, standing on the footpath watching the expensive crackers light up the night sky as if it were a firecracker show, bursting firecrackers at 12 am after everyone has slept just to wake them up make the abnormal sound above normal. This once this abnormality was actually above normality for me.

But with this Diwali experience I realized one thing about the surti public. These people are totally insane and got no sense of shame. Normally it sounds bad, but don’t forget here everything is abnormal. Why else would anyone come lock their homes and come out on the streets just to light their firecrackers. Why else would anyone light a rocket horizontal instead of vertically, with its direction towards the other side of the road. Why else would anyone buy a “4000 ki ladi”, tie it to their bikes and light it up while the bike moves on the road full speed in full traffic. If you can imagine it was quiet a stunt. Why else would anyone burst their crackers right in front of the shop where they bought it (this one thing we did too…the madness had to get us..we could not escape it :P).

 Yet such kind of mindless behavior, though good sometimes, may not be good at all times, and in some cases even harmful to others. What we need to think is that why do we need to have fun at the cost of others’ safety. Why can’t we devise some harmless ways of having fun? Why do we need to blow up huge amounts of money in fire crackers also at the same time affecting our health, others’ health and also damaging the environment, just to have fun? Yes that feeling of joy comes in our hearts when the sky lights up. No doubt about it. But is it worth it? If everyone just donated the money they burn in crackers for nothing but a mere show of spectacle, India would become a lot better place. But some mentalities are not easy to change. Some traditions are hard to give up. After all it is these fireworks that make us unique. Also the very large industry making these very fireworks provides employment to a lot of people. Yes there is a problem of child labour, but if we stop buying these firecrackers, we would then though prevent a lot of fires, save lot of children from getting their childhoods spoilt, also give rise to unemployment, which is also a big problem in a country like India. But it is not that we cannot do something about it. Buy firecrackers, but see to it that they are not made by children. Try and burst only such crackers which pollute as least as possible. Donate some amount of what you blow in fire crackers as charity. Try and make Diwali a festival of joy for all, not just for some who can pay money for it.

And above all, please don’t have fun with firecrackers at the expense of others. Don’t be an incendiary, just for the fun of it. Be responsible and behave responsibly when you light firecrackers. Who knows today you are having fun, tomorrow someone else will be having fun while you burn. For the next year,




Being in Larsen and Toubro Hazira has its advantages other than just the job experience. Being here I have learnt more Gujrati in the last 3 months than I could in the 4 years of my college. Today was the 5th and final day of the test match between India and Australia, and in what can very aptly be called a nail biting match, India won the match on a bowling pitch while chasing by just a mere single wicket. Well the match was quiet interesting and though people at Larsen and Toubro were not in front the television sets watching the match ball by ball, but nothing could keep them from keeping a track of the scores.

Work was going on at its normal pace as it always goes. Though “Score kya hua??” was asked by many, many times. People were discussing technicalities of the job while some were actually doing the jobs. The most interesting case to see was that of two people, one from the shops and the other from some other department involved in a heated argument over some issue. Things like this are not uncommon though on the shop floor.  But what was worth noticing was what happened next. Of the 2 people arguing, one’s cell phone rings into a massage tone. He opens the massage and happily shouts,”AAPNE JEETI GAYA!!” The argument is instantly forgotten and scores start getting discussed and the argument now changes to who should get the man of the match title.

What caught my attention was the phrase,”AAPNE JEETI GAYA”. Meaning WE HAVE WON. Not quiet often do we get to hear the ‘WE’ over here now do we. At this moment I recall one of Akshay Kumar’s dialogues from the movie Khaata Meetha (wait…don’t stop reading here, I never said about liking the movie),





So true, is it not! We actually are Indian at very few instances. Unless we are out of India or some outside power is intruding into India, or unless there is a cricket match we are just so very non-Indian. Just look at the today’s match as an example. When Zaheer Khan took 5 wickets and was made the Man of the Match, he was an Indian and not a Muslim. When Sachin scored 98 in the first innings, or when Dhoni got out for 2 in the second innings they were Indians and not a Maharashtrian and a Bihari(No grudges against Dhoni, I love his shots and more even his attitude, this was just for an example). But what happens to us after the match ends? We go out and start the discrimination on the basis of caste, religion, region and what else not. The question that really comes to my mind here is why so? Why just can’t we be Indians at all times?

Why do we fall for some power hungry politician’s words in which he makes us fight against each other. Who in a so called secular India whose constitution treats every religion and people of all religions equally, puts his religion’s claim on something that should rightfully belong to all? Why do we fight for the Ram Mandir or the Babri Masjid of either of which today who knows what exists where? Why not build an orphanage or a school on that site? Haven’t all the religions always asked to help the poor of the society? Don’t our religions say that we must donate some part of our earning to the society? And when we remember everything else about the religion, why do we forget this good part?

Why do we fight for what language should get importance where? Why do we not understand that language is simply for expressing the feeling within us, that it is simply to convey our massage to the person standing next to you? Why do we attach so much importance to the regional language, or should I say force importance on it when we have one National Language? Why do the south Indian’s do not study our National Language? Why do they give so much importance to their regional language to the point of creating a hatred for the National Language? Why do we need to print our sign boards in a regional language rather than print them in a language that is understood by if not all, a lot more people? Isn’t it supposed to be bad for one’s business? If one cannot understand what a particular shop sells, why should he go in there and buy stuff from there?

Why do we let a few corrupt government officials and selfish political leaders, ruin our country’s image by letting them organize a world event that makes us all feel sorry before the entire world community? Why don’t we unitedly stand against this and demand for a change? India is supposed to be democracy I guess? Right from the traffic policeman who takes a bribe from us for us not having an insurance of our own vehicle to the minister who bungles in huge amounts of money for issuing a public works contract, or steals the money that is meant for the flood affected people in helping them building their homes back? Why can’t we just stand up for once and say a simple and strong NO?

Why do so many questions plague India today, when they can be vanished by a minute change in our mentalities? Will these or should I say, can these questions ever vanish?


Bending the Arch

I’m looking through the window of my room. Gushes of light flood into the room through the netlon (which is now a generic trademark for nettings I guess). The hyacinth sunlight blinds my eyes while they try to look into the future through the window.


The view

The picture is very vivid and gives me a clear picture of reality. As the saying goes, there is always room at the top. I see the opposite wall of the square building in which I reside. The walls are filled with arrays of windows and from each of these windows, someone is peering at exactly the same things towards which I do. The walls are enshrined at the top by arches and there is a smaller hollow arch inside these bigger arches. They’re like these teasers trying to lure me into the bait and asking me to jump up and go through the hollow arch. I think there is freedom on the other side. Freedom, although overrated, is definitely one thing that tops my priority list.

Above the arches, is the endless sky; pure blue sky with no clouds to distract. The stability and the constance even when viewed through the tiny netting holes, endorses permanence. Change or stability? Yet another another big question.

I ask questions! But do I ever find answers? Am I waiting for 2012 for the ultimate truth? Will that happen? Now, that’s one thing I’m looking forward to. One thing which is like a huge dominoes pizza to me! I want to have a bite of it. Please, let me.

Okay enough of that. Coming closer to reality, the sunlight is falling on a bottle of water. The water sparkles. I’m looking at it for answers. It tells me, “Go do your work, arse!” I pry further, trying to coerce it into giving me the answers. It still sparkles in its permanence. (The mood i website is open in the background. Wow! Give it a shot. Ubercool. Does it depress me? Naee…).

What do I do next? I close the window… The sun is shining too much. Next? Wait for 2012. Till then?

What? Dive into that hollow arch of mine. And if you miss your aim, who cares? There are many on this side of the arch and even if you manage to go beyond, the others wouldn’t notice you there because there are many more arches to bend!



Toote taare ko dekh hasta hai koyee..
muskurata hai koyee..
aur koyee laga deta hai farmaish..
par uss dard ko koi mehsoos nahi karta
jiss dard ki wo taara kar raha hota hai aazmaish..
toot kar..
bikhar kar..
apne falak se door hokar…
aa girta hai wo zameen par
jahan milte hai usse tanhayee aur thokar..
fir sochta hai wo…
aise usne kya bura kaam kiya..??
jiski use saja mili….
andar se ek awwaz aayi…
bohat tha guroor tujhe aasman mein hone ka..
ab le maja apne sapno se door hone ka…
jab dekhta tha neeche toh yun itrata tha jaise aasman ka tu he tha akela sitara
kabhi dekha tune apne pass ka nazara…?
sadaa khud mein he khoya raha..
apne he khwaabon mein soya raha…
toh tune aise kya kaam kiya jisse tujhe aasman mein rakha jaata….?
isiliye tujhe aaj yeh sthaan mila………
aur asmaan se ye jameen ka jahan mila……

though end is very far but u have to drill in few features into yourself now if u want to harvest the gains later otherwise remorse,repent will be your best friends………………………………………


Effect of Money in Deciding a Career

Money…the word that is synonymous with success…is a thing which appears to be desirable for all but a few people….

But can it be the sole or the primary factor in deciding a career?? inspect that question …we need to look into the mental growth and upbringing of a person..

A person brought up in wants and unfulfilled desires, is more likely to be running after money than a person who has never suffered or known what “want” means…being lavishly showered with whatever he/she has asked for….but…there also exist contradicting examples…

there comes the role of the principles which wer instilled in one by one’s parents,friends or other close ones…

Principles n a person’s family economical condition (when growing up) don’t go hand in hand..

so when it comes to deciding a career…a lot many people go by the returns expected from that job.. not givin much thought to whether they wil actually enjoy doin the job or not…

So the outcome remains…dat after earning well enough for a decade or so..people get frustrated with their careers or jobs…n feel d need to reshape it…

But here comes d twist..wen it becomes too late…to change from sumthing u never liked..

A gud idea wud be to go by one’s passion but check d returns involved in it as well….coz reality n fancy r not d same thing..

Reality is–

we do need sum good amount of money to live life well…

Fancy is-

when we try to opt for something ..which we know wil involve very less return…

but here comes the irony…

Some people dont really have the option of choosing fancy over  reality..dey hav to face d reality….

so dey can really try to fulfil their fancy as somethng  like a recreational activity….to keep themselves “alive” n “kicking”..

thus.. ..a proper balance of “reality” n “fancy” is needed when decidin a career…n even when d former is chosen…life dusnt end der….

u can always kip ur time mixed between what is necessary n what u like doin most…

D “best” is when u start likin what u do n it becomes your passion…:-)

The Rainbow

I fall in the pool with a lungful of lust.

The chain that binds me and I let it bind me.

Aah! Attaining beatitude, elevating me to the seventh heaven;

The pang I feel when I free fall from the highest heaven.

My heart weeps for the angel I desire, the weighty tears not withstanding.

Self-pity is the biggest sin but I find pride indulging in it;

I indulge myself, let the spirit soar up into the skies.

Where mirth inflates to take flight with the birds.

Feel free to leap and jump crushing the fears beneath;

Merging in with the rest, shouting and screaming at my fears.

Doing nothing, saying the obvious!

Wrenching out my angst and saying it out loud;

With mouth wide open to take in the glory.

Wait a second and just look around to feel the energy.

This is what drives to idolize and manifest my dreams;

I don’t care what my dear world does.

Me and my own big space trying to stay clear from the rest.

Steer me through my longevity; keep me afloat!

All said and done, the universe remains a cosmic joke.

I try to break free just like everyone else,

Mocking, laughing and rolling my way through the rainbow.

P.S. Each 3 sentenced stanza represents something different… You can associate it with a person, a feeling, an emotion… Anything… Feel free to post your interpretations… (I mean pls do it:-)

The Good, the Bad and the Evil

The other day I happened to be sitting doing nothing and completly lost in my own thoughts. All of a sudden i noticed something common to every household. Ants. They were there engrossed in their ‘transportation business.’ The ants were carrying a big bug, a bug alomst 50 times the size of one ant. They were taking it to their place. It was a very fine illustration of team work. A bug 50 times bigger than their size, obviously was difficult to carry. But the small ants used teamwork to solve this problem. Some ants pushed the bug while some pulled. While some just moved about trying to find a place to put in their contribution. The ants gave me a perfect demonstration of teamwork and the effort one needs to put in to succeed. They showed me that the problem i faced might be big, but with persistance and the will to achieve the goal even the greatest problems can be overcome. All of a sudden then a bee buzzed off near my ear. I began observing the bee, it was also working. I saw the beehive. Just a few days back it was nothing, and now it housed an entire army of bees in it. It was one busy place literally buzzing with activity. As i further observed, the bees came, landed on the hive, roamed mindlessly on it and flew back. Bee after bee came in from all directions, did the same thing and then flew back.Doing trips between it’s honeycomb and the flowers, it was continously bringing nectar, and this nectar was being collected in the bee hive. No doubt it was the hard work of the bees, the great contribution of each and everyone of them that had caused their colony to prosper.The bees showed me how there is no alternative to hardwork and how the contribution of each and everyone matters. I then noticed the tree on which the hive hung. It was a big tall tree, piercing the skies. Every year, every day & every moment it was growing, it was growing taller and taller. But no matter how taller the tree would grow, there was one thing that would not change for it. It’s association with the ground. It was on the ground since it was a sapling, and it will be on the ground even after it dies. No matter how high it went, it stayed firmly on the ground. The tree showed me how it was necessary to have one’s feet on the ground always. As I fancied the height of the tree, i could see a kite soar in the sky. It reached heights greater, much greater than the tree could have ever achieved, and it did it in almost no time. But then there was a sudden strong wind. The kite lost control and soon came down to the ground, again in no time. The kite showed me that something that goes up rapidly can also come down rapidly. As the kite fell down, the green grass caught my eye. What was it. Nothing compared to the mighty tree. Yet when the floods come or when a storm breaks out, it is the tree’s that fall. The grass just bends along. This bending grass showed me the importance of compromising with the situation. As my eyes again started searcing the kite, i could see it trying to fly again. Achieve greater heights than earlier. The kite demonstrated me the ‘never say die spirit’. Seeing all this all that came in my mind was that this beautiful world is just so full of examples. Examples that are important for a healthly life. Examples that are important to achieve success. Examples that enlighten us. Examples that stand for the GOOD!

Nothing of what i wrote above was original. We all have been hearing about these examples from our parents and teachers since we were small children. But how many of us believe in these examples today?How many of us even observe them happening around us? And even if you believe in them and observe them, do you follow them in their real life? Well, I should not be writing this post, beacuse I am just as same as anyone of you.I am not someone who has seen a lot of this world and know everything about the good and the bad.Neither am I the epitome of perfection nor am I consummate. I also observe these things happening around me. I also believe in them. But in the end I end up doing only that what I feel is right. Not than my perception of right and wrong is wrong or highly inaccurate, but yes it lacks, or it could even be far from perfection. But inspite of all this I am writing this post. Probably because of the same thing that I am as same as any one of you. I write this because I face similar problems, troubles and worries as you.

We all talk how our life lives have so many problems to face, so many objectives to attain, so many expectations to fulfill and yet only a lifetime of time. But what do we do after the talk is over. We forget all of it and return back to our routine lives. Some of us wish to change, while some us just talk of change. Some of us have already changed for the better, while some of us still believe that we do not need to change. Change is inevitable. We cannot avoid change from taking place. It is the only thing that remains constant. Situations change, conditions change, beliefs change, people change, you change. Change just cannot be avoided or escaped from. And if one is foolish enough to resist change, change is wise enough to destroy him. The only thing that matters in case of change is if you are ready to change with change or not. Though we can bring out a change, we cannot prevent it. So the easiest way is to accept it. We all want to be successful in life. The definitions of success being different for each one of us. But how many of us work towards succeeding in life? How many of us posesses the persistent determination to achieve what we really want? How many of us have the courage to sustain a failure? How many of us are strong enough to rise after a fall and start walking towards our goal right away? We talk of hard work and determination being the necessary ingredients of suceess. But how many of us really put our mind and body heart and soul in our work? How many of us do the right thing at it’s right time? How many of us are non reliant and independent of others for achieving our success? We most of the times know that what we are doing is not correct. What we are doing is evil. Yet we do it, out of a myriad reasons. We are just so used to it. We so often talk of removing the bad from within us. We so often talk of destroying the evil inside. And if not talk openly at least we soliloquize about it or at least think about it. But in the end why don’t we change ourselves?Why do we end up just talking about change, instead of bringing about the change? Why don’t we remove the bad and evil and fill the good inside us? Why are we like this? The answers to these questions probably do not exist. And even if they do, they exist deep inside your own mind. It is as if your life’s secrets lie in a box whose key you keep searching for it all over the place again and again, ignorant of the fact that it lies in your pocket.

The world today is full of evil. But what we fail to realizeis that all the evil starts and ends with us. All the time all we do is just talk of removing this evil from within us. All the time we talk about removing all evil and bad things from our surroundings. But end up doing nothing. This time lets just not talk, this time lets do it. Today is Dussehra. This very day, many many years ago, Lord Shri Ram returned to Ayodhya after destorying Ravan. Today Ravan exists inside all of us. This dussehra let us destory this demon inside us once and for all. This time let us actually change instead of simply talking about change. This dussehra may all of us remove what is bad and accept what is good. Let us all change for the better, instead of just talking about changing for the better. This time, let us all JUST DO IT!!