Lateness Guranteed

What is it in India that takes 20 hours on an average for a 14 hour thing, is completely unable to manage disasters, has no plan B, keeps on growing on the number of the people using it day after day while its size still remains the same?

Unable to get it?

Or are you confused between a few things that happen in our beloved country. Well…let me give you a hint.

It was established by the british during their rule in our country. Today after winning an election politicians battle over the post for this particular ministry. It opens up 90 days in advance and even if you have a ticket on which you cannot travel and which gets automatically cancelled if not confirmed, you still need to pay up a small amount and yes, it keeps bringing people closer(literally).

Most of you people must have got it by now. For those who did not, I am talking about our Great Indain Railways.

The trains almost never arrive on the right time, and probably never leave at the right time. They have been unable to find a better solution to the naxals blowing up their tracks which caused the gyaneshwari accident except not allowing any trains on that patch after dark. And yes not to forget who literally  aree bringing people closer to each other. These are but a few problems that we the people face due to the lethargic attitude of the Indain railways. But here I focus on one problem in particular, the waiting time for the trains.

Go to any railway station, one announcement can be prominently heard,”passengers please take note, train number xxxxx up/down going from ABC to XYZ, so and so express is running late for so many hours. The inconvenience caused is deeply regretted.”Now my question is when do these people really start regretting it? When to they really feel regertful and do something about it? Or is it some kind of a situation where absolutely nothing can be done? As far as the last question is concerned, i dont think YES could be an answer. There is always something that can be done.

Take the Gyaneshwari Incident for example. Naxalites blew up the tracks during the dark, caused a train to derail and thereby many people got killed or injured. So until a solution to this problem was found out no trains were allowed in that patch after sunset. Ok, wise decision. But for God’s sake that was almost an year ago now. Why do they want to show their ineptness to deal with things, by still continuing with the same solution. And if you do really wish to keep doing that, atleast revise the train timings. How long does that take now. Given the complicacy and the mutual dependency of the vast Indain Rail network, I don’t think it should take the authority more than a month. After all that is their job.

The solution that I feel can bring the Indian Rail Authority out of this obesity is if there comes in effect a law which mandates the Indain Rail to return back a part or whole of the fare depending upon the extent of lateness. I believe that they have nothing to lose in this particular area, which is why they are unable to get the proper motivation for work. If they start losing money for late trains, they will automatically do something or the other to save the money. And whatever we get in the end will be better than the present. And yes, if they want we can also say while taking the money,”aapko hui aasuvidha k liye hame khed hai!!”



Imagine a Diwali away from home in a lonely place called Surat, where in you have never ever stayed away from home for the biggest festival of India. Sounds lonely, isn’t it! But imagine a Diwali, the biggest festival in India with some of the nicest people, good friends and awesome colleagues around (read Onkar Singh, Ankit Shukla, Sujoy Das and Mohit Kamra),

dosen’t it sound great. Well I had this awesomest Diwali experience this time, when my work forced me to spend my Diwali in Surat, away from home with none of my family members around. This is post is nothing but a manifestation of my experience of Diwali 2010. If I would have posted this post on confluence a year ago, I would have had to face music from Gaurav and Deval, but since now I own this site and also people do not visit this site any more with the same enthusiasm as before, I don’t think I will have any issues with this post being put up on confluence. Anyway it was always about giving your idea a stage, if people were interested in it or not has always been a different issue and totally upon the people.

In more than one ways, this Diwali was very abnormal for me. The first thing was being away from home during the one time everyone is home. But add to the list having no restrictions, bursting firecrackers on the footpath with traffic on both sides, getting involved in a rocket fight with the other side of the road with some completely unknown people as my teammates and then being in the crossfire of the same war, standing on the footpath watching the expensive crackers light up the night sky as if it were a firecracker show, bursting firecrackers at 12 am after everyone has slept just to wake them up make the abnormal sound above normal. This once this abnormality was actually above normality for me.

But with this Diwali experience I realized one thing about the surti public. These people are totally insane and got no sense of shame. Normally it sounds bad, but don’t forget here everything is abnormal. Why else would anyone come lock their homes and come out on the streets just to light their firecrackers. Why else would anyone light a rocket horizontal instead of vertically, with its direction towards the other side of the road. Why else would anyone buy a “4000 ki ladi”, tie it to their bikes and light it up while the bike moves on the road full speed in full traffic. If you can imagine it was quiet a stunt. Why else would anyone burst their crackers right in front of the shop where they bought it (this one thing we did too…the madness had to get us..we could not escape it :P).

 Yet such kind of mindless behavior, though good sometimes, may not be good at all times, and in some cases even harmful to others. What we need to think is that why do we need to have fun at the cost of others’ safety. Why can’t we devise some harmless ways of having fun? Why do we need to blow up huge amounts of money in fire crackers also at the same time affecting our health, others’ health and also damaging the environment, just to have fun? Yes that feeling of joy comes in our hearts when the sky lights up. No doubt about it. But is it worth it? If everyone just donated the money they burn in crackers for nothing but a mere show of spectacle, India would become a lot better place. But some mentalities are not easy to change. Some traditions are hard to give up. After all it is these fireworks that make us unique. Also the very large industry making these very fireworks provides employment to a lot of people. Yes there is a problem of child labour, but if we stop buying these firecrackers, we would then though prevent a lot of fires, save lot of children from getting their childhoods spoilt, also give rise to unemployment, which is also a big problem in a country like India. But it is not that we cannot do something about it. Buy firecrackers, but see to it that they are not made by children. Try and burst only such crackers which pollute as least as possible. Donate some amount of what you blow in fire crackers as charity. Try and make Diwali a festival of joy for all, not just for some who can pay money for it.

And above all, please don’t have fun with firecrackers at the expense of others. Don’t be an incendiary, just for the fun of it. Be responsible and behave responsibly when you light firecrackers. Who knows today you are having fun, tomorrow someone else will be having fun while you burn. For the next year,



Being in Larsen and Toubro Hazira has its advantages other than just the job experience. Being here I have learnt more Gujrati in the last 3 months than I could in the 4 years of my college. Today was the 5th and final day of the test match between India and Australia, and in what can very aptly be called a nail biting match, India won the match on a bowling pitch while chasing by just a mere single wicket. Well the match was quiet interesting and though people at Larsen and Toubro were not in front the television sets watching the match ball by ball, but nothing could keep them from keeping a track of the scores.

Work was going on at its normal pace as it always goes. Though “Score kya hua??” was asked by many, many times. People were discussing technicalities of the job while some were actually doing the jobs. The most interesting case to see was that of two people, one from the shops and the other from some other department involved in a heated argument over some issue. Things like this are not uncommon though on the shop floor.  But what was worth noticing was what happened next. Of the 2 people arguing, one’s cell phone rings into a massage tone. He opens the massage and happily shouts,”AAPNE JEETI GAYA!!” The argument is instantly forgotten and scores start getting discussed and the argument now changes to who should get the man of the match title.

What caught my attention was the phrase,”AAPNE JEETI GAYA”. Meaning WE HAVE WON. Not quiet often do we get to hear the ‘WE’ over here now do we. At this moment I recall one of Akshay Kumar’s dialogues from the movie Khaata Meetha (wait…don’t stop reading here, I never said about liking the movie),





So true, is it not! We actually are Indian at very few instances. Unless we are out of India or some outside power is intruding into India, or unless there is a cricket match we are just so very non-Indian. Just look at the today’s match as an example. When Zaheer Khan took 5 wickets and was made the Man of the Match, he was an Indian and not a Muslim. When Sachin scored 98 in the first innings, or when Dhoni got out for 2 in the second innings they were Indians and not a Maharashtrian and a Bihari(No grudges against Dhoni, I love his shots and more even his attitude, this was just for an example). But what happens to us after the match ends? We go out and start the discrimination on the basis of caste, religion, region and what else not. The question that really comes to my mind here is why so? Why just can’t we be Indians at all times?

Why do we fall for some power hungry politician’s words in which he makes us fight against each other. Who in a so called secular India whose constitution treats every religion and people of all religions equally, puts his religion’s claim on something that should rightfully belong to all? Why do we fight for the Ram Mandir or the Babri Masjid of either of which today who knows what exists where? Why not build an orphanage or a school on that site? Haven’t all the religions always asked to help the poor of the society? Don’t our religions say that we must donate some part of our earning to the society? And when we remember everything else about the religion, why do we forget this good part?

Why do we fight for what language should get importance where? Why do we not understand that language is simply for expressing the feeling within us, that it is simply to convey our massage to the person standing next to you? Why do we attach so much importance to the regional language, or should I say force importance on it when we have one National Language? Why do the south Indian’s do not study our National Language? Why do they give so much importance to their regional language to the point of creating a hatred for the National Language? Why do we need to print our sign boards in a regional language rather than print them in a language that is understood by if not all, a lot more people? Isn’t it supposed to be bad for one’s business? If one cannot understand what a particular shop sells, why should he go in there and buy stuff from there?

Why do we let a few corrupt government officials and selfish political leaders, ruin our country’s image by letting them organize a world event that makes us all feel sorry before the entire world community? Why don’t we unitedly stand against this and demand for a change? India is supposed to be democracy I guess? Right from the traffic policeman who takes a bribe from us for us not having an insurance of our own vehicle to the minister who bungles in huge amounts of money for issuing a public works contract, or steals the money that is meant for the flood affected people in helping them building their homes back? Why can’t we just stand up for once and say a simple and strong NO?

Why do so many questions plague India today, when they can be vanished by a minute change in our mentalities? Will these or should I say, can these questions ever vanish?


You can’t handle the truth

Hello everyone! This post is the work of a talented blogger who goes by the name of A.S.Krishnan and studies at SVNIT in 3rd year of Mechanical Engineering. He wanted to publish his post on confluence but did not have a wordpress account. So i am posting this on his behalf. Happy reading!!

Colonel Nathan Jessup was put on the stand. Lieutenant Kaffee faced him “I think I am entitled to the truth”. Jessup says the 29th most prominent punch line of all time.


Ok, sons and daughters of this holy land, we live in a world that is under a constant media scrutiny. Every single move, whether I talk, tweet or do anything a normal guy does turns into a scam. Every confidential letter is leaked to the press for money. All right, education it is. We live in a country that has 28 states, 7 union territories, 23 languages with 1650 dialects out of whom 64.8% are literate ( 57.3% females and 75.3% males) with a sex ratio of 1:9.4 males : females. There are 350-400 people below the poverty line i.e. 36%. With every state having a different government and having n number of parties with n number of propagandas, it makes it tougher to implement a law. Every problem has a way of redressing, a system is in place. For example if a bus window is broken, if I have a speedy replacement, then the cost has to be covered for that person. The bill has to pass through 10 other people and by the time it reaches the concerned person, it takes 5 days at least. Then the money has to be sanctioned and looked after properly or else my head will spin off for an IT raid. So tell me who will take care of such a system, you, the random guy on the judge’s seat or the common man? No, it has to be the government always. All right now, education it is.

There are 23 languages and every student is the same for me. I need to bring all to the same level they pass out at the 12th grade or else we will have a mismatch at the college level. So, I say a uniform text book standard has to be there. So what happens? A few governments oppose it saying they are against this, why? I am from a party X. if you are from a party Y then your first duty is to oppose what X says. A sane person will be suppressed and the politically correct one will continue to live at the expense of a common man. They do not realize that until a concrete step is taken, the BPL living families will suffer and continue to suffer till the law passes. Now coming to the concept of tuition classes or rather coaching classes. In early days, tuition was given to those students who fared badly in exams and required assistance. I presume it must be the reverse in the current situation. The top student goes to a class so that he can become even better. If he needs a coaching class to teach him what he learns again, then why have schools. Ok, to negate this, IIT JEE was made easier. But no, today the society takes advantage of this and wants the paper so easy that even a monkey with black ink on his/her tail marks the paper in a random permutation, he/she can get through. So what do I do now, make sure we do well in 12th exams. But no, I am an elitist. If I decide against it, I play vote bank politics. So you people tell me what I have to do. Why does caste, money have to do with education? Education is something so important to all, so much that it has to be free. Why do people have to charge money to teach people? Isn’t passing on knowledge an important duty that we have to do for the society, but Robin Hood style- I insist.

Another point, why engineering? Why is every single Indian hell bent on pursuing a useless degree in a college which will make you go outside the country, never to come back, when you very same people talk of patriotism. You will go there, live there, pay taxes there and that country will flourish. We lose a taxpayer of the highest order. We lose revenue. Don’t you realize that this is an infinite loop and that this may be inadvertently a cause for poor education; the fact that the taxpayers don’t pay taxes. Also why is engineering the only thing kids are interested in? It is like a public toilet where the students inside want to leave and those outside want to enter. I can hear students say “I will miss my friends, but not my college”. The sanctity of an IIT, NIT has become so much as that it is referred to as public toilets in public. And you NIT dudes, you must have definitely come thinking that I have lost my life as I lost a seat in IIT. But believe me; NIT students should have more fire in their hearts to come out on tops. But no, you people get worse once you reach college.

So solutions, first before shooting your mouths off, see what facilities your teachers and their families have before cribbing about your life. What is their motivation to teach you if all you give about them is a time to criticise them. Can you better them and teach? By all means, take up teaching. Goodness knows that we can do with more teachers. Next, encourage all 10th standard students to take up other professions. Why doesn’t anyone take up sports? I mean a real sport, not a “game” called Cricket. Take up football. Don’t you realise that a Didier Drogba means so much to Ivory Coast than Yuvraj Singh does to a random common man of the country. Be a Drogba, Essien, Zidane and not a Yuvi, Mahi and Bhajji. Goddammit take up hockey, your national sport. Isn’t it shameful enough that you see India getting a golden spoon in Hockey world cup? Take up commerce, no company can be without an accountant or a manager. In fact, if you do a B.Com and then a MBA rather than engg. and then a MBA, then you actually have a year in hand for fruitful purposes. Waise bhi, you don’t learn much in engineering. Take up music, dance, and journalism if you are faint at heart. For the true patriot, join the NDA-National Defence Academy; take up IPS, IAS, UPSC and what not. Don’t talk about patriotism sitting in your chair in Silicon Valley that too through Twitter.

So for the current “engineers”, at least pay taxes properly. For those budding engineers, IIT is not the only thing in life. MARKS are not the only thing in life. Get a life, join the Chipko movement. To the rest, GFAT!!!!

Kaffee asks “Did you order the IIT entrance law to be forged?” “You are goddamn right I did”

Kaffee puts forward his argument. The courtroom waits with baited silence. The jury arise. Jessup has a sly smile.

The jury pronounce Jessup guilty of forgery, corruption and of so many other charges. There is no room for an educated person in a country like India. That’s why we Tweet in Silicon Valley.

To vote or not to vote!!??

The results of the Maharashtra assembly election are out. The congress-NCP alliance falls short of majority by just one seat, while as expected the infighting within the BJP-Shiv Sena alliance led to its fall while the Shiv-Sena’s breakaway fraction, the MNS did play spoil sport by dividing the Marathi votes. Everything was almost as predicted by the political pundits and the exit polls as well.

This election was just the same as the elections that have happened before. The campaigning, the mud-slinging, the rebellions, the asset declarations,  the rallies, the demonstrations of power by our politicians and the bragging of our previously elected leaders about the work done by them(however small it may have been) everything was just the same. Like always our politicians left no stone unturned to woo the voters. There were rallies and morchas everywhere. Not to be ignored was the coming of the star campaigners of every party to campaign for their party. No politician left any opportunity to address the media, and whatever may be the topic did very shrewdly use the media attention to glorify their own image and malign that of their opponent’s. The ruling party kept on emphasizing how the state had progressed under it’s able leadership, while the opposition going with it’s name opposed to what the ruling party said. Everything was the same.

Also everywhere people were encouraged to vote, and not to enjoy the voting day leave as a holiday. There were hoardings put up, both huge and small, and also advertisements on the idiot box. Each of them asking people to vote. Vote because it is your right to. Vote because it is your only opportunity to elect your leader, and that if you don’t vote you will be responsible if the state of the state turns out to be a sorry state. Well everything they said is true. If you don’t vote and choose your leader, you don’t have any right to complain later on. If you don’t vote, it is you who pave the way to power for politicians who can win on the basis of bogus votes and money feeding. But after seeing all these I began thinking, ‘why do we vote?’ Well…the answer is quiet obvious, we vote to elect our representative. A person, who can represent us as a whole. A person, who can raise the problems we face in the assembly and get them solved. We vote to show that the person we are voting for enjoys our support and thereby the government such representatives from, is the government of the people. That such elected governments enjoy the support of the people. This elected government must now work as a unit to solve the problems of the people who gave them the power. These people who form the government must end the differences between themselves and work for the betterment of the society. This government must serve the people. We vote because we want all this to happen. But does anything of this really happen? If it does, to what extent?

We have been voting since India became independent. We have been electing our leaders since then. Earlier we did it by the use of ballot boxes, now we do it by the use of EVM’s. But the basic process of the people electing the leaders has remained the same. Yet, the situation of the people and the way their problems are (not) solved has also been the same. Majority of the government officials are corrupt and it still takes a considerable amount of time and a heavy dose of money feeding to the government officers to get any work done. Every time I see the traffic police at the signal, I fear for he would stop me and rob me of 50/100 rupees for apparently no fault of mine. If someone’s bike skids and he falls off on or near the traffic signal the policemen rush to him, not to help him get up but to remove his bike’s key, so that he cannot go away without filling the pockets of the policemen. The pizza comes in less than 30 minutes, while the ambulance takes hours to reach someone suffering from a heart attack. The electricity production still does not match the electricity requirement. And while there are power cuts at other places, the areas which have the houses of the politicians continue to enjoy uninterrupted power supply. The government hospitals are in complete mess, and there are more patients than beds, while the doctors continue to tend to people at their private clinics who can pay them the fees they ask, also enjoying the salary from the government, for not attending to patients at the government hospital. The farmers continue to take their own lives as the government fails to solve their problems. The slums continue to grow, and also the illiteracy rate and the percentage of people below the poverty line. While our leaders continue to amass wealth and grow richer, which is evident from their huge properties, assets and bank accounts. We all know where this money comes from. Almost every one of our politicians is involved in a scam that continues to fill their pockets. Some of these have come in front of all while some remain hidden to this date. The government is negligent towards our policemen who are equipped with age-old equipment and no bullet proof jackets and are forced to face the bullets of the terrorists having AK47 rifles. We saw many of our policemen die at the hands of these terrorists when Mumbai was attacked only because they did not have the proper equipment to face such a situation. And even today almost a year after the incident, the condition remains the same. Though funds were granted, but they got gobbled up in the way. And all this is just the tip of the iceberg. There are many more things that are a clear example that our leaders have done nothing till date. There may even be much darker and dirtier truths below.

We have been electing our leaders for the past 60 years now. Yet at every election time, the issue of ‘Bijli, Paani aur Sadak’ continues to feature in their speeches. They have shamelessly been giving the same promises and later on forgetting them. Today when we vote, all we get is the choice to select from amongst a set of corrupt, power-hungry candidates. We very rarely have an option who we can say is honest and won’t be corrupted by power. Try asking your candidate to give in writing what he has promised will be kept. Most probably he will chicken out. And if we realize that electing a particular candidate was a mistake, to rectify that mistake we have to wait for a good 5 years. And then at the time of the next elections all we can do is not elect him. There is absolutely no guarantee that the person who we will be electing now will use is powers for our benefit. It is just a process of trial and error with us getting more and more options as the time moves on. And moreover, we can’t undo what we have done until the term ends.

In the end, if our elected leaders can enjoy a 5 year-long paid vacation, why are we shouted at if we take a one day vacation? Why are we slammed if we do not vote? After all what can our voting change, it will probably bring down one person and bring to power the other one. How does it matter to us if the condition still has to remain to same? If nothing is to change, why to vote?

A Tyro’s Guide to EnlighTenment

There are many things towards which we have prejudices or predilections without experiencing it. One such word is ‘Osho’. Different people, different views. What I’ll try here is to dispel the darkness and give you an unambiguous picture of what it really is. I recently paid ‘The Osho Ashram’ in Mehsana (Gujarat) a visit.

In the suburbs of Mehsana, lies a high walled enclosure which is enshrined by a picture of Osho. Once you enter the premises, multitude photographs of Osho will be surrounding you; the photo in itself exuding a kind of glow which is very rare to see. If you haven’t seen his picture yet, he’s pretty similar to the Hogwart’s principal, Albus Dumbledore from the Harry Potter tale. The ashram is nothing less than a five star resort when it is compared in terms of cleanliness and system. Lush green lawns, flowers in their full bloom and a labyrinth of pavements criss-crossing through a garden and a waterfall leave you breathless.

So how is it different? I was introduced to the concept of commune living here. What this means is that a group of people live here permanently forming their own little community and dividing their labour on an equal scale. Every task is considered humble. Contact with the outside world is minimal. Guests are allowed in cottages throughout the year and they can experience a different style of living. Food is simple and there are five meditation sessions daily which are not compulsory but you’d attend them anyways because there isn’t much more to do. There is no television or bar or other regular sources of entertainment to which many of us are accustomed and so not attending these sessions after coming here wouldn’t make any sense. What osho preaches has a scientific base and it is not a religion. Osho’s philosophy doesn’t preach any god or for that matter, even a physical form of god. What it tells you is to wake up and be aware of yourself. People end their lives in slumber without any knowledge. People should use their energies fruitfully and channelize their energy into the right direction with conviction. Osho isn’t against materialism and as a proof of that, you can find air conditioned cottages and even extravagant merc’s within the commune. You’ll also find biscuits and soft drinks in the ‘zorbas’ which are within the commune. To make it simpler and lighter I’ll list down a few points which will make your decision of either paying the ashram a visit or not a bit easier.

Reasons to go:

1)      If you’re tired of the daily hustle and bustle. The peace and calmness here is beyond the point of imagination. It’s like some exotic Himalayan peak (the only difference being the temperature).

2)      If you want your own space. People respect your space here. You’re left with ample amount to do whatever you wish to.

3)      If you want to visualize a fight between the religious pandit, pujari’s and the creative artists. I’d a very vivid image of this while Osho thrashed this Pujari’s for fooling people with havan’s and Puja’s. He says that artists who are fully involved in their creation are much closer to god than these religious fools. Whatever you do, fall in love with it or rather do the thing which you love to do.

4)      If you want your daily dose of what I call ‘The Mithun dance’. You’re bound to be a witness to this dance during the meditation sessions when many of the devotees burst out into fits of joy and lose all their inhibitions to dance as if there’s no tomorrow. And you can giggle your guts out because you have your space! But don’t overdo it.

5)      If you love to sleep. There’s no one to disturb you. Sleep. Sleep. Zzzz… Sleep until time starts decelerating.

Reasons for giving it a miss:

1)      If you think that you’ll be engulfed by the cult. Yes. For sure. It is a cult. If the worldly matters are not enough for you to keep going, don’t go. You might become one of Osho’s and join the commune.

2)      If you can’t handle too much peace and if you’re an insomniac. Because there’s not much to do other than think and eat and sleep.

3)      If you like watching television for more than two hours a day and if you like watching serial’s like big boss and rakhi ka whatever… Don’t go. There’s too much for you on t.v.

4)      If you like digging your nose. You’ll have so much time on your hands that your hands will desperately try to use it to fill them with something else…

5)      If un-waxed female legs are a turn off for you and you can’t stand it. You’ll find a few of those.

On a more serious note, I’d advise anyone who wants a different view at life, a stay for at least a couple of days. The lectures which are shown are not some religious gospels preaching superstitions and sayings which have very little practical meaning. The philosophy of Osho finds corroboration in the thoughts of great thinkers like H.G.Wells and Karl Marx. I’ll cite a simple example, who runs everything? What Osho says is that there is no supreme being. Everything runs on itself and that is how it is meant to be. If there is a Supreme Being, the question will arise as to who runs this Supreme Being? And it will lead to an infinite loop. So instead of unnecessarily complicating things it is easier to accept that things make themselves happen. A perfectly logical conclusion!

Just go there and experience something mystical. Your brain wheels will start churning and you’ll return to the world with renewed vigour. Because what Osho (or that’s what I understood) says is that living in the world worldlessly and still being at the top of the world is the way to live and leave your mark.

Discretion: If you are aware of these things and believe you’re already at that stage of awareness. Kudos! Go to the ashram for a week. You’ll love it. For those who found the above statement Latin, go for a couple of days to decipher the code and get the experience.

21 grams

How many lives do we live? How many times do we die? They say we all live is 21 grams at the exact moment of our death. Yes everyone! How much fits in 21 grams? How much is lost? When do we lose 21 grams? How much is gained? How much? 21 grams, weight of a chocolate bar, a humming bird, may be 50 paise coin! How much does 21 grams weigh?

Nope it’s not another story about barbarism, killings, rapes and other human acts of devilry. I will not write such things because I haven’t seen them. Only things that will travel from my mind through my hands to paper are facts. Yes my friend only facts. And for me fact is what I have experienced, not even stuff seen on television. I don’t intend to blame anyone neither hindus nor muslims. Well for me, even labeling people as formerly used is throbbing.

The day after train was burned down in Godhra

It was morning time and I was the only one awake and was very happy for school had been cancelled that day due to “BHARAT BANDH”.I was watching news about what had happened in Godhra. Infact the whole day was a picnic for me as after a very long time my whole family spent a day together. Day gave off to night. Mom was cooking food in the kitchen and rest of us were watching news at a very high volume. Suddenly my mom came rushing to the room with her voice collapsing, “Reduce the volume. I think someone is shouting in the vicinity. Instantly someone (out of my brother, father and me) reduced volume and I heard first cries, hauls of my life. Clattering of the vessels mingled with these cries giving rise to some cannibalistic ritual music. This clattering was a signal to gather slayers or a signal to start attack. Dad ordered us to shut off the lights and then he went out to check if the doors were properly closed. Soon after that he called the police and told them,” Sir, some people are attacking our society so please can you send “.To which the man on the receiving end interrupted, “We cannot do anything until next 72 hrs. Riots have broken out in the whole city and we don’t have enough force.” “But” and policeman had already hung up the phone. We all were standing shell shocked in the darkness after listening to conversation. My dad told my mom to take me to the underground cellar we had in our house and not to come out of it under any circumstances, even if they entered the house and killed him, while he and my brother will stay above to guard the house. “How can they do this to us?”,stuttered my mom while we were in the cell. Even after seven years I don’t know what the answer to that question is. The only thing I know is that how it feels to suffocate nearly to death for almost 10 hours in the non-ventilated hot cellar and trembling with fear, listening to cries of my neighbours and hauls of the devils-misanthropists, expecting the doom of my father, brother, mother at any moment and utilizing every instant to gain enough strength to avoid dying with fear and to face death at any second. We were spared for the moment but didn’t they kill a part of us? Is life of the other beings really so cheap to us?